Russia called on Turkey to meet in the abolition of trade restrictions

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with the head of the Turkish Minister of economy Nihat Zeybekci, Likhachev pointed out that Moscow has some questions to Ankara regarding the economic and trade relations between the two countries, reports “Interfax”. According to him, the antidumping investigations carried out in Turkey. “Already there is an antidumping investigation against Russia on the glass and have information about the possibility of another investigation by HR to hire,” said the official.

Likhachev said that Russia can not forbid Turkey to conduct such investigations, however, can say how they will be held how will be taken into account the arguments”, – said Deputy Minister of economic development. In his words, “the road must be two-way traffic”.

On 6 July the Minister of agriculture of Russia Alexander Tkachev has urged not to hurry with the lifting of the embargo on the Turkish products, citing the need to support domestic agricultural producers.

In the middle of this week, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said that in the near future should not expect the emergence of Turkish products on the shelves of Russian stores. “Today, we Turkish products don’t see, and obviously, that will not see tomorrow” — said Popov.

Food embargo against Turkey started to operate on 1 January. This happened after the incident with the Russian su-24 that was shot down Turkish air force near the Syrian border. In Russia banned the import of tomatoes, cucumbers, mandarins, apricots and grapes, and other fruits and vegetables. In March 2016, the Rosselkhoznadzor has banned the supply of pepper and pomegranate from Turkey.

In late June, Russian President Vladimir Putin has lifted part of the sanctions imposed against Turkey. In particular, lifted the ban on Charter flights to this country.