In Abkhazia is launched a referendum on early presidential elections

In Abkhazia began a referendum on early presidential elections, reports TASS with reference to the local Central election Commission exercising the functions of the Central referendum Commission (CDC).

Voting started at 7:00 GMT. It will end at 20:00.

In the referendum citizens of the Republic must answer the question: “do you Consider necessary carrying out of early election of the President of the Republic of Abkhazia?”

The President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba said that he is ready to retire. “The referendum will be! And if our people will take the decision to resign Khadzhimba, I’ll take it. But if this does not happen, I will fight to the end with all the negative aspects, which is in the state. And I have no one to scare!” he said.

The opposition demanded the cancellation of the referendum and urged not to participate in it. She demanded to postpone the voting in the fall, allowed to vote with absentee ballots and expired passports, and also to open polling stations in Moscow and Cherkessk.

5 July in the Republic rally. Protesters came to the building of the interior Ministry and gave him Hajime released to their demands — in particular, about the postponement of the referendum and the resignation of the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs “due to the deterioration of a criminogenic situation”. On this day the interior Minister was removed from office.