Moscow has asked NATO to explain the strengthening of all “azimuths”

In a message posted on the website of the Russian foreign Ministry, his spokesman Maria Zakharova said that “the primary analysis of the outcome of the meeting (the summit of the countries — members of NATO in Warsaw. — ) shows that NATO continues to exist in some kind of military-political “through the looking glass”.

“Contrary to the objective interests of maintaining peace and stability in Europe, need to pair potentials of all responsible international actors in countering real rather than illusory challenges, the Alliance focuses its efforts on “containing” non-existent “threat from the East”, — said the official representative.

The policy of the Alliance cut off “from the really urgent needs for the protection and security of the citizens of its member countries, she stated, adding that this is reflected in the strengthening of NATO’s flanks against the background of unprecedented proportions coming from the South direction of the terrorist danger.”

The “not excessive”, according to Zakharova, become “attempts to “demonize” Russia to justify the steps taken in the field of military construction, to divert attention from the destructive role of the Alliance and individual allies in provoking the crises and maintaining the hotbeds of tension in various regions of the world.”

M. Zakharova: Moscow is waiting for clarification on NATO’s plans

Moscow is waiting for clarification on NATO’s plans concerning the expansion on the Eastern flank, said the official representative of Russian MFA Zakharova. So in Moscow commented on the decisions taken at the Alliance’s summit in Warsaw.

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The representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs noted that NATO deliberately ignores the “long-term negative consequences and risks for the entire system of Euro-Atlantic security arising from deliberate actions of Washington and Brussels to change the existing balance of power” — in particular, she cited the example “the forced implementation of US missile defence plans, NATO in Europe.”

In this regard, said Zakharov, the foreign Ministry expects “a detailed explanation of representatives of the Alliance on NATO reinforcements for all “directions” in the upcoming July 13 regular meeting of the Council Russia — NATO at the level of permanent representatives.”

Before the press service of NATO issued a Declaration on transatlantic security at the summit in Warsaw, where the Alliance emphasizes that poses no threat to any country in the world. “In this light, we remain ready for serious dialogue with Russia”, — the document says. The Declaration indicates the need for dialogue with Moscow with the aim of clarifying positions and minimize the risk of military incidents.”

If this Declaration States that NATO members are facing unprecedented security challenges, including Russia’s actions, “especially in Ukraine.” In addition, the document expressed promise to provide additional support to Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.