North Korea conducted a launch of a ballistic missile from a submarine

South Korea’s military signalled the launch of ballistic missiles from a submarine of the DPRK, Reuters reports.

According to the statement of the joint chiefs of staff of South Korea, quoted by the Agency, the missile was launched at approximately 23:30 on Seoul in the waters East of the Korean Peninsula. When this later the South Korean military said that the launch most likely was unsuccessful. According to them, the rocket crashed in the early stages of the flight.

Earlier, on 8 July, the US and South Korea finally agreed on the deployment of anti-missile system on the Korean Peninsula against threats from the DPRK. The missile defense system THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) is designed to intercept ballistic and other missiles at high altitudes. The parties have not given the exact information of where it will be located and who will manage it.

In Beijing, a Chinese foreign Ministry had summoned the ambassadors of the US and South Korea, which has been protested in connection with the implementation of the plan, against which China always objected. The Russian foreign Ministry also issued a statement, which said that the deployment of us missile defense system in South Korea would negatively affect global strategic stability.

The last time South Korean military fixed a launch of a ballistic missile from a submarine of the DPRK in April this year. Before that, another attempt of North Korea to launch a medium-range missile ended in failure.

Recent ballistic missile tests North Korea conducted in the end of June. Then, according to South Korean Agency “RenCap”, the DPRK launched a rocket of the type “Musudan”, and the first launch was unsuccessful. Two hours later, was made the second start-up. North Korean authorities stated that the missile tests in the country were successful and did not pose a threat to neighboring countries.