Obama urged to maintain sanctions against Russia

Sanctions against Russia should be preserved to the fulfillment of the Minsk agreements, wrote President Barack Obama in a column for the Financial Times.

“We should strengthen cooperation in the security sphere between NATO and the EU, as well as support for Ukraine, which defends its sovereignty and territorial integrity. And despite the fact that our nation remains open a more constructive relationship with Russia, we should agree that sanctions against Russia should be maintained until, until Moscow fully complied with its obligations under the Minsk agreements,” — said Obama.

At the beginning of the column the American leader calls a number of “challenges” — in particular, terrorist attacks in NATO countries, the influx of refugees, “Russian aggression” against Ukraine, as well as the results of the vote for Brexit. “While I was coming to Warsaw for a meeting with leaders of NATO and the EU, I believe that our nation must mobilize the political will to take firm commitments to respond to these challenges. I believe we can do this, but only if we stay United as true allies and partners,” he said.

According to Obama, UK and EU “will be able to reach an agreement for an orderly transition to a new relationship”. And while relations between Brussels and London will change, “it is worth remembering that will not change,” said the President.

In addition, Obama expressed confidence that relations between the United States and Britain “will continue.” “I have no doubt that Britain will remain one of the able members of NATO — nation, which makes a strong contribution to our common security and the leader as a participant in all missions of the Alliance”, — stressed the President, adding that the US “will continue to be indispensable partners of the EU.” In addition, he notes that, despite the uncertainty created by Brexit, “our common prosperity will continue to be based on a solid Foundation of NATO.”

At the summit in Warsaw, countries must reaffirm commitment to defend every NATO ally”. “We must strengthen the defense of allies in Central and Eastern Europe, to strengthen deterrence and to increase resilience against new threats, including cyber attacks,” urges the Obama.

Also, the us President stressed that the Alliance must do more for global security, especially in the southern European flank.” “NATO should strengthen its commitment to the campaign to destroy ISIL [banned in Russia organization. —] and do more to help the EU to close down the criminal networks that use the desperate situation of migrants crossing the Mediterranean and the Aegean sea,” writes Obama.

On the eve of the British foreign Minister Philip Hammond told of their fears that the EU may soften its position on anti-Russian sanctions after Brexit. However, he expressed hope that the EU will retain a tough approach to restrictions. “It’s no secret that the Russian has worked hard on the < … > to convince individual member States to oppose the extension of sanctions,” — said Hammond.

Earlier, the four region of Italy supported the resolution on cancellation of sanctions against Russia. In all cases, the authors of the document were made by politicians, or otherwise associated with a conservative separatist party the Northern League”, which has a small representation in the European Parliament. On the eve of such a resolution, introduced by Progressive party of the working people (AKEL), was supported by the Cyprus Parliament.