Pamfilova told about the 24 taking part in elections to the Duma parties

Pre-election congresses to build lists in the Duma elections held all of the 24 parties that have previously notified the CEC about the intent to participate in the election, with both parties due to violations of conventions had to be performed twice. This was stated by the head of the CEC, Ella Pamfilova.

“We are now in the country was 77 political parties, 74 of them have the right to participate in the election campaign. At the moment such a desire was expressed by 24 of the party. They have already conducted the congresses: 24 party held 26 congresses, because the two parties had because of the violation twice to carry out Congress”, — quotes “RIA Novosti” statement Pamfilova on the forum “Territory meanings.”

According to her, now the parties submit to the CEC the documents for the approval of the proposed list, they can do it before midnight on 13 July, and 20 July, the CEC must consider the certification of the lists by each of the parties. While Pamfilova recalled that from 24 of the parties 14 have the right to collect signatures of voters to participate in parliamentary elections.

Other parties and candidates from them in single-member districts will have to collect signatures of 200 thousand for the party and not less than 3% of the total population of the County for single-seat districts.

Pamfilova Sunday, July 10, addressed the participants of the political change youth camp “Territory”. His conduct in charge of management of internal policy of presidential administration. The event involved about a thousand young people from the youth branches of the parties. During the week the young people spoke with experts and leaders of the parties. Sunday is the last day, in addition Pamfilova to the participants of the camp at the same time are the leaders of the four Duma parties.

Addressing the participants, head of the CEC has promised not to allow the election of the state Duma of violations similar to those that were in the 2011 elections. According to her, the more local leaders are mired in corruption, the more they try to influence the results of elections to stay in power. She added that such leaders often target heads of local law enforcement agencies. Pamfilova assured that the CEC consider past violations and will do everything to avoid them during this campaign.

A list of 74 parties having the right to participate in elections to the state Duma, published on the CEC website. At the time of writing this information on the website of the CEC has published data on the held party congresses as of July 4, in the list were specified 18 political parties.