Russia has sent two “CIA employees”

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov pointed out that two employees of the U.S. Embassy — “CIA operatives” — were declared “persona non grata” in response to the expulsion from Washington of two employees of the Russian diplomatic mission, the press service of the foreign Ministry.

Ryabkov said that initially, the US authorities demanded the departure of two employees of the Russian Embassy in the United States, without presenting any claims for them. While the State Department has proposed not to make this fact public, but, according to Ryabkov, did not keep his word.

Deputy foreign Minister of Russia stated that “persona non grata” became an employee of the Embassy, which “attacked the police” near the American Embassy on the night of June 6, and another operative of the CIA.”

Ryabkov also expressed hope that Washington is still aware of the depravity of aggressive anti-Russian line. “If it will decide to move further on the path of escalation, with no response will not remain”, — he added.

The day before State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters that US sent June 17, two Russian diplomats in response to the attack on a U.S. diplomat by the U.S. diplomatic mission in Moscow. However, he declined to provide details about why the Russians were declared “persona non grata”.

On June 29 the Washington Post has a column by journalist Josh Rogin, which stated that on the morning of 6 June by American diplomat near the Embassy in Moscow was attacked by a FSB officer in plain clothes, who broke his shoulder. As a result, the diplomat, according to a source Rogin, left outside of Russia for emergency medical care.

Later, the Russian version of what happened told the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. According to her, on duty outside the Embassy, police, “to ensure no threats, just wanted to check documents,” however, came “hit guard with an elbow in the face.” “In the ensuing brawl the stranger pushed the security officer and fled to the Embassy,” she said.

Zakharova also said that the diplomat was a CIA officer, who may have wanted to rush to the Embassy incognito and did not show his diplomatic card.

On 7 July, the NTV channel has broadcast a video which was seen as the entrance to the American Embassy from Small Konyushkovskaya lane drove a taxi, from which emerged a man, quickly went to the door. From the booth near the entrance jumped a police officer who pushed a man to the ground. Last the result was during the scuffle to crawl into the building of the diplomatic mission.

NTV claimed that the man knocked down a policeman, was the third Secretary of the political section of the U.S. Embassy Daniel van Dykedom, an employee of the CIA, which in that day was returning from a reconnaissance operation.

Later sources, The Washington Post confirmed that trying to quickly get to the Embassy, the diplomat really was an intelligence officer working under diplomatic cover. According to interlocutors of the edition, he was pursued by the security services, but because he tried to hurry to take refuge in the Embassy to avoid arrest.

Officially the US did not confirm that left Russia diplomat was a CIA officer.