The foreign Minister of Poland told about the growth of NATO to take over the Ukraine

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski said that in NATO there is a growing conviction that Ukraine should in the future become a member of the Alliance, this is discussed during the NATO summit, held in Warsaw on 8-9 July 2016.

“Ukraine is still in the phase of internal discussions, although there [in NATO] there is a growing belief among many political forces that the country should become a NATO member in the future,” TASS quoted the statement of the Minister, which he did after a meeting with the foreign Ministers of the Visegrad group (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic). “Such opportunities before Ukraine has put”, — said Waszczykowski.

“We have for many years maintained the policy of open doors and open these doors for the countries of Eastern and southern Europe. The concept of creating a free and democratic EU and NATO — had not completed the process. Many countries are at the stage candidates or in-phase consideration. Georgia — a candidate for membership and is at an advanced stage. There are also candidates on the southern flank,” — said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland.

The second day of the NATO summit in Warsaw, the plan is largely devoted to the situation in Ukraine. On the first day of the NATO members decided to place in the Baltic States and Poland four battalions. This was stated at a press conference by the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. He explained that the battalions will be deployed as a “deterrent measures”, in their formation will be open to all member countries of the Alliance. The placement of these parts will begin in 2017.

While Stoltenberg stressed that NATO troops will be present in the East of Europe until, “until it is needed.”

In March 2016 the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said that in the next 20-25 years Ukraine will not become a member of the European Union and NATO.