The Kremlin saw the “rational grain” in the recent statements of NATO Secretary General

In Moscow, see “rational grain” in the statements of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the Warsaw summit. This was stated press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports “Interfax”.

“We are trying to look and sound grain which can be easily seen, for example, in today’s remarks, Mr Stoltenberg about the need of maintaining contacts, the lack of a direct kind of threat from Russia”, — said Peskov.

In his speech on Friday, Stoltenberg stressed that NATO will continue to seek dialogue with Moscow. “Our position is clear — NATO does not seek confrontation, we don’t want a new cold war, stated the Secretary General (quoted by Reuters). — We will continue to strive for constructive and full-fledged dialogue with Russia.”

Peskov said that Moscow is “very closely watching” for the NATO summit. “It is of high interest, it is extremely important. Of course, it is hoped that common sense and political will to avoid confrontation, will prevail,” said the spokesman. He accused NATO of myopia and irregular arrangement of accents in the choice of course.

“It is absurd to talk about the threat from Russia, when in the center of Europe killed tens of people in the middle East, the daily killing hundreds of people. It is necessary to be absolutely short-sighted organization, so as to distort accents,” — said Peskov. According to him, the Alliance will not be able to find some ground for cooperation with Moscow, if the “hard to find an enemy so that the enemy cheat anti-Russian hysteria, Russophobia, and then, based on this emotional background, to place any new aircraft, part of the land approaching the Russian borders”.

The Kremlin has indicated that field for interaction of the parties will be in the case if the work will concentrate on real threats such as terrorism and the strengthening of confidence-building measures in Europe. “If in this perspective, the worldview of Russia, a clear and consistent, will coincide with NATO, there will be a vast field for cooperation”, — said Peskov.

Earlier this week, the Kremlin saw the “positive” in the report of the Committee for defence of the United Kingdom, offering to toughen policy towards Russia. “Despite the controversy, it contains the idea of the need for dialogue”, — said Peskov.

On the eve of German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that NATO policy towards Russia is “deeply defensive”. According to her, the Alliance at the same time applies the principle of “deterrence and dialogue”. “We […] agree that lasting security in Europe cannot be achieved without Russia,” she said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in early July said that Moscow will try to start a dialogue with NATO, despite the expansion of the Alliance to the borders of Russia. It is planned that after the NATO summit in Warsaw will host a meeting of the Council Russia — NATO.