The Prime Minister of Peru will become the head of the branch of the beer company SABMiller

The new President of Peru Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said he will appoint a Prime Minister the head of the local division of the brewing company SABMiller Plc Fernando Dam. He said this in an interview with local newspaper RPP Noticias.

The dam has a great knowledge about what is happening in Peru,” said Kuczynski (quoted by Bloomberg). According to him, the new Prime Minister will know the functioning of the public administration”. Our plans to bring the Dam sworn in on July 28. According to Bloomberg, the Dam will develop policy within the Cabinet of Ministers to oversee key initiatives proposed by Kuczynski, in Congress, and to supervise the work of more than a dozen agencies, which are subordinate to the Cabinet.

The dam and the end together worked in the government during the presidency of Alejandro Toledo, who was a Peruvian leader from 2001 to 2006. The government Zavala — economist with an MBA degree at the University of Birmingham — first he worked as the head of the Agency responsible for the observance of the legislation in the field of competition, and in 2005 became Minister of Finance. Earlier this position was occupied by Kuczynski, in 2005, he headed the government of the country. In SABMiller Zavala has worked for the past ten years. The division he heads, controls 95% of the beer market in Peru.

Elections, which were won Kuczynski, held in early June. He scored 50,12% of the vote, ahead of Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori.

British brewing company SABMiller is the second largest in the world. Its market capitalization is $of 71.36 billion.