The referendum on presidential elections of Abkhazia became less than 1% of voters

Two hours before closing of polling stations in Abkhazia, where the referendum on early elections of the head of the Republic, the voter turnout was 0.99%. This was announced by the Chairman of the Central election Commission, exercising the functions of the Central referendum Commission (CDC), Batal Tabagua, reports TASS.

Tabagua, said that at polling stations was 1322 person out of 133 thousand registered voters. According to him, a referendum on early presidential elections in Abkhazia, most likely, will not take place. According to the Republican law, the referendum is considered valid if in it will take part more than 50% of voters from list structure.

Voting started at 7:00 PM MSK, the time of end of voting at 20:00. The inhabitants of the Republic have to answer the question: “do you Consider necessary carrying out of early election of the President of the Republic of Abkhazia?”.

Previously, the Block of opposition forces of Abkhazia urged the President to postpone the referendum in the autumn, after which the opposition asked the citizens to boycott the vote on July 10, arguing that in the circumstances it cannot be done. In a statement, block said that even before Khajimba signed a decree on the referendum, he and his entourage began a campaign to discredit the vote.

Earlier, first Deputy Prime Minister Shamil Adzinba stated that he was not surprised by the preliminary results of voter turnout. “Serious surprise the turnout was not called, we knew that the people will not vote. Those who did not intend to, and so wouldn’t come even if the opposition boycotted the referendum, which she herself initiated,” said Adzinba. According to him, “the question submitted to referendum, is unconstitutional and dangerous for the future of the state.”

One of the leaders of the Bloc of opposition forces (BOS) of Abkhazia, the head of Fund “APRA” Aslan Bzhania has accused the government of disrupting the referendum. “The referendum has disrupted power even before election day, so on Saturday, July 9, we turned to people urging them not to go to a vote,” — said Bzhania and added that “the referendum in terms of political crisis was necessary and useful”, and power “has not created conditions for free will of citizens”.

The President of the Republic Raul Khajimba has said it is ready to leave his post early, if the people so decide”. The head of Abkhazia stressed that if this does not happen, it will “fight to the end with all the negative aspects, which is in the state”.

The opposition has already expressed their dissatisfaction with the preparations of the referendum, the initiator of which she spoke. July 5, protesters held a rally near the building of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Abkhazia. They wanted to move it in the fall, allowed to vote on expired passports and absentee ballots. They also asked to open polling stations in Cherkessk and Moscow.

The protesters broke the gate leading to the yard office, and then pelted stones at the security forces and broke into the territory of the Ministry. Storming the building he kept his special forces. During the campaign, 16 people were injured. After protests, the President dismissed interior Minister Leonid Dzapshba during public Prosecutor’s checks. The opposition demanded the resignation of the Minister because of the deteriorating crime situation in the country.