The S&P 500 index reached a historic high

Trading on the U.S. stock market opened July 11 2016 new absolute record value of the stock index S&P 500, which is often called the “barometer of the American economy”, made at the opening 2131,72 item, which is the highest opening in the history of the index.

In a few minutes was installed and another record — the value of the S&P500 index reached 2139,34 points. This is a new highest figure for all history of existence of the index, the publication of which began in March 1957 with a mark 44,06 points.

The previous record was recorded on 20 may 2016, when the value of the S&P500 rose to 2134,72 points.

By 17.00 GMT the value of the S&P 500 index was 2136,85 points, which is 0.33% above the closing level of the previous trading session.

In the calculation of the S&P 500 index takes into account stock prices of the 500 largest public and most important U.S. companies, traded on the new York stock exchange (NYSE) and the NASDAQ and representing various sectors of the economy.

The value of the S&P 500 index reflects the total capitalization of these companies, adjusted for free float, i.e. the proportion of the free float shares. The weight of each company in the index proportionate to its market capitalization.