Tour operators called the probable dates of commencement of Charter in Turkey

Charter flights from Russia to Turkey may resume by the end of July. With such a forecast made by the radio station “Moscow speaking” Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze.

She explained that at first there should be a lifting of the ban on Charter flights must then follow the order of the Federal air transport Agency and only then can be arranged the flights themselves. “That is, it does not mean that next week will fly. I think by the end of July — early August will have flights arranged,” said she.

Last Friday, the press service of the government reported that Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the departments in week term to submit to the government proposals for the resumption of Charter flights to Turkey. Appropriate instructions were given to the Ministry of transport, Ministry of culture, Ministry of foreign Affairs and other interested departments.

Currently, after a warming of relations between Moscow and Ankara, which escalated after Turkey shot down a Russian su-24 in Syria, by the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin lifted a ban on the sale of vacation packages to Turkey. It happened on the 1st of July. On the same day turoperatory opened sales of tours to this country. Last Saturday the first plane with Russian tourists arrived in Antalya.

The truth is the Russians who have bought tours to Turkey, sent scheduled flights. The ban on Charter flights remains in force. Previously surveyed tour operators said that prices for holidays in Turkey compared to the current proposals can be reduced by 30%. They expect a discount from Turkish hotels and for the account of the organization of Charter flights.