Banks predicted the delay in opening the accounts of individuals because of the rules of the Ministry of Finance

The need to check whether a person has applied to the Bank for a consumer loan or wish to open an account, an individual entrepreneur, will significantly complicate life for both the clients and the banks themselves, writes “Kommersant” with reference to the surveyed bankers and lawyers.

To carry out such checks banks previously ordered the Ministry of Finance. The Agency, in his letter pointed to the existence in the Tax code prohibition on opening new accounts and deposits to entrepreneurs, whose account was previously blocked by the decision of the tax authorities, as well as the lack of exceptions for accounts and deposits, not connected with entrepreneurial activity.

The difficulty of the check is connected with absence in Russia of a unified system, which would contain regularly updated information about the lock-unlock of accounts across the country. In the current environment, banks will have to request a certificate on awarding him was either “break through” client for SPARK and then check the website of the tax service was not have blocked his account. All this will take time, and this means that customer service will slow down.

Besides, your INN is not widely known, and the Bank, by law, may not refuse a person to open the account due to the lack of INN. In addition, the data of the tax service are often inaccurate and incomplete.

“Even when working with companies to check each Bank of apriori takes more time and resources, there are difficulties because of the many inaccuracies in the system FTS. Often information about locks is in those cases when the tax debt has been repaid. When testing individuals, which at times more, at an accelerated rate, these problems will inevitably arise,” — said the Deputy Director of Department of retail business VTB 24 Julia Demenyuk.

The creation of a new system, which could promptly obtain accurate information about the business status of clients and the locks-unlocks their accounts, according to bankers, will take more than one month. The training of new specialists and the installation of programs will inevitably affect the tariffs for banking services.

According to the partner of legal firm Lidings of Andrey Zelenin, banks could include in the questionnaire of customers, the issue of entrepreneurship to shift the responsibility for providing false information to the client. However, the full problem is solved — because the unscrupulous entrepreneur will open all the same Bank, and this means that the claims of the tax authorities are to present to him.

To hide the fact of opening an account, the bankers have no right. “The law requires us messages about all open accounts and deposits of natural persons”, — said the Chairman of Board of Bank “the Renaissance the credit” Sergey Korolev.