The savings Bank has lowered rates on mortgages for the first time since Aug 2015

Sberbank on Tuesday, July 12, reduced rates on basic products mortgage lending for the first time from August 2015, the message of the Bank received by . Rate reduced by 0.5 percentage points and now range from 12 to 14% annual, has informed the savings Bank.

Sberbank since the beginning of the year notes sales growth as new apartments, which are supported by government subsidies, and turnkey housing, said the Director of Department of retail non-transactional products Sberbank Natalia alymova. According to her, the reduction in rates has to do in the secondary housing market more accessible.

That the savings Bank will reduce rates on mortgage loans by 0.5 percentage points, said the head of Bank Herman Gref on 6 July. “[Be reduced] mortgage with state support for the customers who buy housing in our construction sites, etc.” — said Gref live in “Vkontakte”.