Half of the batches coded electoral lists

11 lists

Only seven of the 24 parties that at the end of June — early July, held conventions and nominated candidates for deputies of the state Duma (elections will be held on 18 September) published a list of their nominees at party sites. This is mainly known parties — United Russia, Fair Russia, LDPR, Yabloko, PARNAS. They did this immediately after approval of the lists in the pre-election congresses. Published the list of the Communist party, but did it on the website of the Moscow branch.

From little-known parties list on its website published only one — the “Great Fatherland”.

Four party lists are not published, but their representatives agreed to send the documents to reporters . For example, on the website of the growth the list, not distributed it to the media and the Congress party, however, her representative sent the list to a journalist the day after Congress passed July 4). Representative “Motherland” agreed to send the lists on Tuesday evening, after the members submitted them to the CEC. Also sent a list of “Green” and the Russian party of pensioners for justice.

Closed lists

Find out the fate of lists of the two parties has failed. The Party of social reform no website, but contact management is not specified anywhere. The numbers listed on the website of the party “freedom”, no one came — against its leader Svetlana Peunova was prosecuted.

Partiya Vozrozhdeniya SELA also does not have a published list, but it happened because she was nominated to the Duma only one candidate in one single-mandate constituency, and the list itself is not, said its leader Vasily Vershinin.

Representatives of the remaining ten parties refused to provide the lists of journalists — they all point to the fact that now lists the Central election Commission checks. “The Politburo has not taken decision on publication of lists. Would be funny if we call people, and someone on the audit POPs up,” — explained Deputy Chairman of the “Communists of Russia” Sergei Malinkovich. According to him, exclusion from the list is because someone from the wrong party issued the documents necessary for its registration.

The representative “Patriots of Russia”, explaining the rejection of the publication of lists, cited “technical reasons” and also promised that it would happen after checking the CEC.

“Honestly, now distracted by something else [in addition to the registration list in the CEC] would not”, — explained the failure of the head of the Federal coordinating Council own party Alexander Samokhin.

The unwillingness to show the list to check the CEC motivated the refusal by the representatives of “Civil platform”, the Party of good works, “Union of labor”, “People against corruption”, the party of the parents of the future and the “revival of agrarian Russia”.

The leader “Civil force” Cyril Bakunin said that the party after Congress will make adjustments to the list to this she has legal opportunities, he said. So while the list will not be published, he said.

Why closed lists

The nomination of candidates takes place in several stages, explains the electoral lawyer Tatyana Lushnikova. First, the party members nominate their colleagues in the Duma, the next step is collecting documents for delivery to the CEC, at this stage, the party can weed out some candidates. “Someone will steal a passport, someone will be a criminal record, someone changes his mind — all of these candidates exclude,” she explains. By law, after the Congress party can only exclude candidates from the list, add anyone, said political analyst Alexander Kynev.

The source in one of the parties, as well as a source close to the Kremlin, said that after the Congress, the lists vary not only due to the fact that someone has incorrectly issued documents. This occurs because adjustments may be made at the request of the authorities, which also agree on the candidates, says one of the interlocutors. “Sometimes the party suddenly include people with a criminal record, and sometimes is simply not acceptable for people power. Such people are clean”, — said a source close to United Russia.

“There is a lag between the decision of the Congress and submitting documents to the CEC. On the way from Congress to the CEC, there may be additional factors that can interfere in the movement of the courier,” said the political analyst, Chairman of the Board of Directors “Niccolo M” Igor Mintusov. According to him, this could be the harmonization of the places with candidates and coordination of lists with the presidential administration on a number of parties.

The party is clearly not willing to widely publish the information on the lists, said Kanev. “This is an indirect indication that the main object of its activities the party is considering not voters, and those with whom they agree on the lists. And that list trying to attract voters, and to solve some other problems” — sums up the expert.