Igor Trunov has decided to disbar

The qualifying Commission of Lawyer chamber of Moscow region, having considered the complaint of lawyers on the application of Igor Trunov damage the credibility of the legal profession in General, admitted that he indeed committed a disciplinary offence. The decision of the Commission may be followed by deprivation Trunova status of the lawyer. This will happen if the decision is approved by the regional Bar Council, scheduled for August 24, 2016.

He Trunov has called the Commission’s decision illegal, because the existing norms of the law “On advocacy and the Code of professional ethics govern only the conduct of lawyers in the exercise of professional activities.

“Public activities, behavior at home may not be the subject of a disciplinary offence of a lawyer”, — said in a statement Trunov, posted on its website. Meanwhile, the lawsuit in the qualification Commission was the complaint on the statements Trunova about corruption in the legal and illegal pressure on “objectionable lawyers,” made during one of his press conferences.

In the beginning of 2016 Trunova already tried to deprive of the status of the lawyer in connection with the complaint of one of clients for poor quality oral advice”, however in February, the qualification Commission discontinued proceedings in connection with the refusal of the appellant from its claims.

This time Trunov is convinced that “the final decision will be negative, as the decision of the qualification Commission are the people dissatisfied with his uncompromising effort to protect the interests and freedoms of citizens, victims of terrorism, aviation and man-made disasters.

“Professional activity affecting the financial interests of the large insurance companies not wanting to pay the indemnity in full, unscrupulous business owners and public officials that violate the law. Now only in legal proceedings, a case about the explosions of planes in 2004, the terrorist attack “Nord-OST” terrorist attack in Domodedovo in 2011 Yaroslavl plane crash, terrorist attack aircraft over the Sinai in Egypt, Rostov-on crash, the international criminal court for crimes against humanity in Eastern Ukraine, “school shooter” and many other soft things, which are the fate of ordinary people, on the other hand, financial interests, and often the freedom of lawbreakers,” explained Trunov.