India almost agreed with Russia to lease a second nuclear submarine

Negotiations on the lease by India of the Russian nuclear submarine has entered the final stage, all questions are removed, told “Kommersant” two top managers in the shipbuilding industry. “India has agreed to lease the submarine 971-year project, which will be removed from the Navy of the Russian Federation”, — said one of interlocutors of the newspaper. Previously TASS reported that we are talking about the submarine K-322 “sperm Whale”, part of the Pacific fleet.

If the deal goes through, it will be the second Russian nuclear submarine leased to India. In 2012 the Indian Navy for ten years became the owners of the submarine of project 971 “Pike-B”, which the new place is called Chakra. The newspaper’s source said that since that time, continued negotiations to lease another nuclear submarine.

However, India wanted to rent the submarine Soviet project, a multipurpose nuclear submarine of project 885 “Ash”. The Russian party to the transaction did not go because, as the newspaper notes, the Russian Navy has in service while only one submarine of this type, and to access the technologies of its production, it was not feasible.

Moscow offered new Delhi the rent of the submarines of 971 project. Moreover, the parties discussed two options: to withdraw the boat from the Navy of the Russian Federation and upgrade, or to finish the housing, preserved at the Amur shipyard since Soviet times. After analyzing the situation, it turned out that the second option was untenable, because the casing on the stocks ready on 50%, and the shelf life of a nuclear reactor expired. As a result, the boat would be more profitable to recycle than to build and upgrade.

According to the newspaper, the submarine will be a major upgrade, and it will affect not only adaptation of the control system, but also weapons. In particular, instead of the missile complex Club-S supplied under export contracts, the submarine will be installed launchers under supersonic anti-ship missile BrahMos.