Moscow was made the head of foreign broadcasting of the US in the stop-list in response to sanctions

According to the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry, Chairman of the broadcasting Board of governors of the United States, which operates the radio station “Voice of America” and “Freedom”, Jeffrey Shell was denied entry to the territory of Russia, as it is included in the “stop list” of the Russian foreign Ministry. Earlier Tuesday, he shell said it without explanation are not allowed in Russia.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs confirmed this information, said that American “recently” included in the stop list, which Moscow expands in response to the US “for spurious reasons” sanctions against Russian citizens, banning them from entering in the Connect States. “If Washington can make in this situation, the dissatisfaction of something, it is only because of the consequences of their own aggressive and short-sighted policy,” it comments.

Those who introduces sanctions against Russia “should be aware of the inevitability of retaliatory measures,” stressed the Minister. “Moreover, in this particular case is about one of organizers of large-scale false anti-Russian propaganda, financed from the us budget, that is ongoing because of political decisions taken at the top of the US”, — concluded the foreign Ministry.

The Board of governors on issues of broadcasting, led by Shell, is an Agency of the U.S. government. It oversees the broadcasting to foreign audiences, including Russia and Ukraine, in particular, the company VOA (Voice of America and Radio Free Europe / “Radio Liberty”.

After the ban on entry into Russia for shell, told The New York Times that at the airport he was asked to sign the document on inadmissibility, and then put on a flight to Amsterdam. According to him, he made a business trip as the head of the film division of NBCUniversal Corporation.