Officials were concerned the control over large expenses of the population

The Ministry of Finance and Federal tax service (FNS) discusses the idea of control over large expenses of the population, told “Vedomosti” six Federal officials. As said by interlocutors of the edition, the purpose of this control — the struggle with grey salaries, but this is just an idea and worked out the mechanism yet.

Discussion of this idea, which has been suggested before, resumed in connection with the need to replenish the budget, said one of the sources.

One official financial-economic bloc of the government acknowledged that there are more questions than solutions: it is impossible to think of accounting, only from the point of view of budget revenues. The logic of the idea is there, but it is not clear how to establish control, says another Federal official.

The representative of the Ministry explained that the Ministry was not the initiator of this idea.

Officials believe that the tax authorities have adequate data for such control. They get data about cars from the traffic police, on the property of the Federal registration service, but can’t use them directly for taxation. For this, said one of them, to detect income from which no tax was paid.

As recognized by one of the officials of the financial and economic block, after detecting undeclared income, the tax authorities will not only Donatist tax, but would have to pass on information to law enforcement agencies, and those — to know legally obtained and these revenues. “But it will, in fact, already the terror of the whole country will be afraid that their costs will be disperse with the income and they will carry on the interrogation”, — summed up the interlocutor of the edition.