Reuters reported the strike “of the Russian aviation” at the refugee camp

Syrian rebels said the impact of the Russian aviation refugee camp in the North-Eastern border of Jordan with Syria, reports Reuters. They claim that the victims of the strike were at least 12 people, injured dozens.

According to said Seif al-Kalmani, representative of the brigade, which is part of the “Free Syrian army”, the blows were inflicted on the territory near the camp Adalat. He is one of two large refugee camps in the area.

The fact of the attacks was confirmed by a senior Western diplomat. He referred to data showing that the attack was attended by Russian planes.

According to the rebels, attacks were made on the evening of July 12, the camp, which houses several hundred people, mostly women and children. It is located on the Badlands on the Syrian side of the border.

Upon impact injured at least 40 people. The Jordanian military on the border, helped to transport the injured to hospitals in the country, said the Jordanian source Reuters.

Among the victims were soldiers of the rebel group “ASUD al-sharqiya”. Its soldiers are fighting the militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia). According to one of the rebels financial and military support Association has a command center in Amman, which, in turn, support the Western countries. In the camp lived a family of fighters of the group.

Reuters was not able to get a quick comment from the Russian defense Ministry.

As indicated earlier, if the attack is confirmed, it will mean that videoconferencing inflicted the most close to the border of Jordan strikes since the beginning of operations in Syria.

To the North-East from the affected camp is located in the city of al TANF, where based U.S.-backed rebels. Last month, Russian aircraft twice attacked the base, said the Agency an unnamed American officials. According to them, after the first strike, the US military has been in contact with Moscow on special communication channels and asked to stop the attacks.

On the eve of the Russian defense Ministry announced that six long-range bombers Tu-22M3 bombers attacked the positions of the “Islamic state” to the East of Palmyra, es-Sohne and Arak. The Ministry stated that the strategic air force destroyed “a large field camp of the insurgents,” three of a warehouse of ammunition and weapons, three tanks, four infantry fighting vehicles, eight vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns, “and a large number of manpower of the opponent”.

As found by The Washington Post, the issue of coordination of the Russian and American military will be discussed during the visit of the head of the state Department John Kerry to Moscow. According to the newspaper, Kerry will propose to the Russian leadership, perhaps President Vladimir Putin, to create a joint group for the exchange of operational and intelligence information. The newspaper also reported that the Secretary of state will offer Moscow to synchronize with Washington independent strikes on the territory of the IG.