The court rejected the claim of Bulk to the creators of the film “the Browder Effect”

The Savelovsky court of capital on Tuesday has rejected the complaint of opposition leader Alexei Navalny to RTR, the TV presenter Dmitry Kiselev and journalist Evgeny Popov. This was announced by court spokesman Konstantin Timoshenko.

The reason for going to law became the film “the Browder Effect”, which came out on “Russia 1” in the evening of 13 April. Three days before this announcement was broadcast in the program “Vesti Nedeli” Kiselyov. The authors of the film claimed that Navalny was an agent of the founder of Hermitage Capital of William Browder.

In the film, said that to operate Navalny and Browder began in 2007. Browder, who, in the opinion of the authors of the plot, he was associated with British intelligence services, was the code name for Solomon. His task was to undermine the constitutional order in Russia. This operation, codenamed “Tremor”, claimed the authors, was developed in 1986 by the CIA. Navalny was also given a secret alias freedom, says in the film.

According to the authors of the plot, Browder Navalny persuaded “to become a hero of minority shareholders and make yourself reputational capital”. In the film, the authors argue that Navalny received from the Browder money through Vladimir Ashurkov and the Moscow Helsinki group, as well as material information that should have been circulated. In particular, the authors of the plot insist that the task Browder Navalny started a campaign against VTB and spoke in support of the detainee of the Fund auditor Sergei Magnitsky, who later died in prison “Matrosskaya Tishina”. Itself the death of Magnitsky, according to the filmmakers, was arranged through an agent of British intelligence. A few years later, Navalny began a large program to support the “Magnitsky list” for “undermining citizens’ trust in judicial and law enforcement system, and received a $300 thousand

Earlier, the press Secretary of the Bulk Kira Armys told that the opposition is familiar with Browder in absentia only: they wrote each other letters by e-mail. “Alexei was interested in the experience of it (Browder. —) ships with “Gazprom”, — said the press Secretary.

No money relations the Bulk with Browder was never, according to the Armys. “Alex helped to promote their campaign of “untouchables” they used to send their videos, he’s hung as all, but then Alex is not even by Browder spoke, and his lawyer Vadim Kleiner,” explained Armys.

In court representatives of Navalny argued that all this information is listed in the film have nothing to do with reality and defaming the honor and dignity policy. They were asked to recognize nine phrases from the movie are untrue. Representatives of the Bulk provided the court a certificate from the FSB, which stated that in relation to Bulk has filed a single criminal case of espionage or treason. They asked to satisfy the claim.

Journalists VGTRK in court has not arrived. Their representatives argued in court that the lawsuit should be rejected because the phrase does not contain specific information about the claimant, some not even his name. “According to the jurisprudence of the ECHR people involved in political activities, agree to become object of public political debate and criticism in the media, the boundaries of criticism against a public figure are much wider than for a normal person”, — quotes words of the lawyer VGTRK RIA Novosti”.