The French authorities announced a new organizer of the terrorist attacks in Paris

About it reports the edition of France Soir, citing the chief’s General Directorate of external security of the defense Ministry of France Bernard Bazhole.

“It is true that Aboud was coordinator, but he was not a commander. We know who the organizer is, but I’ll be careful in this issue”, — quotes the edition of words Bazhole, which he said during hearings in Parliament about the investigation on may 24. According to Reuters, Bazhole said that the security services have succeeded and I can already imagine the personality of the leader.

A series of terrorist attacks in Paris occurred on the night of November 14. The attacks occurred with a small time interval in six different locations, including at the Stade de France (where the explosions occurred), as well as in the concert hall Bataclan (where terrorists took in hostages of people who came to the rock concert).As a result of attacks killed 130 people, injured more than 380. Responsibility for the incident was assumed by the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

The organizer of the attacks previously considered Abdelhamid. He was killed November 18, during the RAID of the police in the suburb of Saint-Denis. In addition to the organization of the Paris terrorist attacks Abouda believed to be involved in the preparation of the attack on the Church in Villejuif and to the organization of the attacks on train passengers from Amsterdam to Paris in August 2015. Then, in a shooting injured three people, arrow helped to disarm two American soldiers, were in the train.

During the investigation it became clear that the attacks in Paris were prepared in the suburbs of Brussels. In March, police in Belgium detained the main suspect in the Paris attacks, who managed to escape, Salah of Abalama. Operation on its capture took place in the Brussels district of Molenbeek. Later, a Belgian court decided to extradite him to France.