The Obama administration will make Russia’s “final offer” on Syria

During a visit to Moscow U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry will make new proposals for the coordination of the actions of Russia and the United States in Syria, writes The Washington Post. According to the newspaper, Kerry will propose to the Russian leadership, perhaps President Vladimir Putin, to create a joint group for the exchange of operational and intelligence information to track the actions of the terrorist group “dzhebhat an-Nusra (Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, the activities of the group banned in Russia). In addition, know the newspaper, the head of the state Department will offer to synchronize independent attacks on the United States and Russia to terrorists “Islamic state” (business in Russia).

The alignment of goals will allow you to avoid conflicts in the conduct of military operations, the newspaper notes. In exchange Russia should exert pressure on the Syrian government to military aircraft restricted activity.

According to the New York Times, Kerry’s mission may be the last proposal of the current administration on Syria — this question will be the main theme of Kerry’s visit to Moscow. Kerry, writes the NYT, will try to reverse the trend and achieve the cessation of hostilities in Syria and start a political solution to the question of power. To this end, he proposed the Russian side to expand military cooperation and intelligence sharing.

Earlier, Kerry said that the understanding with Russia is the main condition for progress in Syria. From February 27 in Syria, the cease-fire, which agreed to abide by government troops and the rebels. However, the terrorist group regime does not apply and the attacks on them continue. When reports of the deaths of civilians. The Russian foreign Ministry in their statements have repeatedly pointed out the need to ensure the disengagement of terrorists and opposition, this issue was frequently raised in telephone conversations, the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov and Kerry.

State Department spokesman John Kirby announced the forthcoming visit of Kerry to Moscow on July 11. He said that during his visit to Moscow, the Secretary will discuss with the Russian side, Syria, Ukraine, Nagorno-Karabakh and other issues. Kerry heading to Russia on the evening of July 14 after a visit to France.

The Russian foreign Ministry officially confirmed that Kerry will be in Moscow from 14 to 15 July, noting that “the situation in Russian-American relations remains difficult”. The Kremlin admitted that Kerry will meet with President Vladimir Putin.