The people involved in the case Nemtsov wanted to buy land in the elite district of Grozny

The intention Anzor and Shadid Gubarevich to buy land in the capital of Chechnya in his testimony, says their mother Turpan Gubareva. Excerpts from her interview given in the indictment in the case (at the disposal), referred to the court.

Gubareva said that in the last ten years, the sons lived in the suburban village of Kozino — rented a house with countryman Khamzat by Bakievym.

But in early March 2015 (i.e. a few days after the death of Boris Nemtsov) the sons came to her Malgobek (Republic of Ingushetia), the witness said. According to mother, Anzor told her that he was going to buy land in the village is a suburban part of the city district of Grozny, for 600 thousand rubles, which he had with him. Gubareva claimed that he did not know how her sons have earned the money.

According to the source familiar with the investigation, an elite district of Grozny, where the Chechens wealthy to build a brick cottages.

According to the official version of the investigation, for the murder of Nemtsov performers were to receive “not less than RUB 15 million from the alleged organizer — Ruslan muhutdinova, who was the personal driver of the Deputy chief of the battalion “North” Ruslan Eremeev.

Now mukhutdinov wanted, and its business is allocated in separate manufacture.

According to the prosecution, the killing of Nemtsov on the order muhutdinova planned and executed six people: the alleged killer Zaur Dadayev, brothers Gubareva and Beslan Shavanov, Timur Eskerkhanov and Khamzat.

The policy had been shot late in the evening of February 27, on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge when he was returning home from a restaurant with a friend — model Anna Duritskaya. In the next few days from Moscow to the Chechen Republic and Ingushetia returned Dadaev, Gubareva, Savanov and mukhutdinov.

Shabanov was killed during the arrest — was blown up by a grenade, and all the others were sent to detention centers. Dadaeva the consequence considers as the main executor of the murder.

According to the lawyer Zaurbek Sadyhanova Bagaeva, in fact, there is no evidence linking his client: Bahai was arrested only because he lived in the same house with Gubarevym in the suburban village of Kozino. His role investigators describe as a collection of information about Germans on the Internet and harboring Hubarevich. “Why would he hide Gubarevich, and so if they lived in the same house?” — surprised the lawyer.

Bagaeva name is not mentioned by any of the other defendants in the case even in their initial confessions, not speak of it and none of the witnesses, the lawyer says.

The Moscow district military court will soon set a date for preliminary hearings in the case. The defendants first confessed, and then abandoned them and are going to request to consider his case before a jury.