The same and Eremeev: new items “cases Nemtsov,” the indictment

The Moscow district military court on July 25 will begin consideration of the case about the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov. About it on Tuesday has informed a press-the court Secretary Irina Zhirnova. The first meeting is a preliminary hearing held behind closed doors, and they will be allowed procedural matters, said the Agency interlocutor.

In the dock five people — a former fighter of the battalion “North” Zaur Dadaev, his relatives brothers Anzor and Shadid Gubareva, as well as their friends Temirlan Eskerkhanov and Khamzat.

They all claim innocence, and I’m going to ask that their case was considered by the jury.

familiarized with the indictment Dadaeva (documents are available).

Camera vs alibi

According to investigators, the five defendants in the case with Beslan Shavanovym, was blown up by a grenade during the arrest, had committed the murder Nemtsov “not less than 15 million rubles”. The money, according to prosecutors, they promised to pay Ruslan mukhutdinov. It, driver the Deputy commander of the battalion “North” Ruslan Eremeev, the consequence considers as the customer of murder. Mukhutdinov is wanted, and its business is allocated in separate manufacture.

The defendants have established surveillance for Nemtsov and shot him at half-past eleven on the evening of 27 February 2015, on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge near Kremlin, said the prosecution.

The investigators rejected the alibi of the alleged killer Dadaeva, who initially confessed, but later retracted them and accused security forces of torture.

Dadaev insists that almost the entire day of February 27 he had with Ruslan Eremeev — supposedly together they visited the mosque, we went to a restaurant “gay woman” and returned to the apartment of the second-in-command of the battalion on the street Fan, 46, in the capital. At nine in the evening, says Dada, he went first to his rented apartment, which was also on the street Fan, 3, from there went to the club “Zinc”, and then returned home. But after midnight he called Eremeev, so he went to see him for five minutes.

However, this report refutes the CCTV surveillance, it follows from the indictment Dadaeva. At a time when, according to Dadaeva, he was sitting in a restaurant, it along with Eremeev was caught on camera monitoring the entrance of the house №46 in the Fan. 15:47 Eremeev went into the house, and Dada went to the Mercedes ML with the number 007.

In his apartment Dadaev to the end of the day, to the protocols of inspection of video recording of the entrance of the house №3. Haven’t seen him also the restaurant staff “gay woman” and the club staff “Zinc” (their statements are in the indictment).

At eight o’clock system “the Stream” was recorded by the Mercedes ML, which has left Dadaev from Eremeeva, on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. The car was moving towards the center.

And after a few hours of surveillance camera in Gum on February 27, spotted “two men, similar to Gubashev [Anzor] and Shavanovym”, which was followed Nemtsov approximately ten to eleven in the evening, it follows from the case materials.

According to investigators, the patrol-guard service and Savanov watched as the Germans supper in cafe “Bosko” Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya, and called Dudaeva, when a politician with his girlfriend went outside and walked to the side of the dead, where Nemtsov was flat. Dadaev, according to the investigation, one hundred meters passed them on the bridge, and then did a series of shots Nemtsov in the back.

According to the materials of the case, on the street Fan Dadaev only appears in the morning: the camera captures as Dadaev together with Anzor Gubashev comes to the entrance of the house of Eremeeva. He comes back an hour later accompanied by muhutdinova and brother Eremeeva Arthur Eremeev.

“Testimony Dadaeva his innocence not found his objective evidence and can be regarded as a protective position”, — stated in the indictment Dadaeva investigators.

In the version does not fit

Attorney Dadaeva Shamsudin tsakayev stated that the investigation refers only to those tapes that confirm their version, and ignores other evidence. “In fact there is a camera in the entrance of the house Dadaeva, which clearly shows how he is in four hours that day comes to his door. His face close up with a toothpick in his mouth,” said the lawyer. Besides the camera in the entrance of the house Dadaeva no timer and date, indicates the tsakayev.

According to counsel, the materials also contains details of the connections of the mobile phone Dadaeva. “Until 21:47 PM his phone was working near his home. Then no calls,” says tsakayev.

If Dadaev left the phone at home to provide an alibi, he would have asked someone to call him, says the defender.

“The investigation completely ignores these facts and trying to blur an alibi in one sentence: not included in the entrance of the house and not come out,” says tsakayev.

In the case of the missing records from surveillance cameras on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge. “The murder was the three cameras have their photos, but videos, no,” said the defender.

Eremeeva: in the case, but without the status

Officially no second-in-command of the battalion “North” Ruslan Eremeev, nor his brother Arthur Eremeev does not have any procedural status in the case. The investigators failed even to question them. But their names are constantly encountered in the investigation materials and the customer of a crime acts as a personal driver Ruslan Eremeev — mukhutdinov.

Mukhutdinov and he Dadaev drove during the preparation of the crime by the official car of Ruslan Eremeev — Mercedes ML with the number 007, it follows from the case materials.

Dadaism was a frequent guest in the apartment to Fan, 46, to the surveillance cameras in the entryway. This apartment, according to the extract from the register, bought Arthur Eremeev in December 2014, there were Ruslan Eremeev. On the day when Nemtsov was murdered, the camera caught Dadaev brought Ruslan Eremeev home on the Mercedes ML, and then returned to the house at night (when the crime has already been committed). An hour later he came out of it, accompanied by brother Arthur Eremeev. To Ivan Dadaev came back March 1, on the plane, along with Ruslan Eremeev.

The lawyer daughter of the deceased Jeanne Nemcova Vadim Prokhorov recalls that the brothers Eremeeva is close relatives of the Deputy of the state Duma Adam Delimkhanov, the Senator from Chechnya Suleiman Eremeeva and the chief of the police station in the Shelkovskoy district of Chechnya wahi Eremeeva.

Arthur Eremeev is little known. As follows from the statement of Federal registration service, it is an individual entrepreneur engaged in ranching and cattle.

Prokhorov repeatedly stated that he does not believe in the existence of the driver Ruslan Eremeev own motive for Nemtsov’s murder. “Muhudinov is an organizer at the very lowest level,” — said the defender. Making it the final customer, the investigation just takes the kick from the real criminals, says the lawyer. In his opinion, mukhutdinov could not act without Eremeeva, but he in turn had their own motive for the murder of Nemtsov.

In Dadaeva motive for the murder investigation calls the order of 15 million rubles. the Opinion of prosecutors about the motives muhutdinova not yet known: the case against him is still being investigated.

Departure after the murder

Within a few days after the murder of Nemtsov, according to the investigation, almost all the defendants and residents of apartments on the Fan returned from Moscow to Grozny. The tickets are bought directly at the airport Vnukovo, to the testimony of the cashier of airline “Grozny-Avia” Takeaway.

According to the testimony of Takeaway, which is in the case, on February 28, she issued boarding documents shortly before the end of registration for flight Anzor Gubareva and Beslan Savanova. “They were very nervous and wanted to leave on the same day,” lead her testimony, the investigators in the indictment.

And on March 1 in the same way she sent to Ivan Dadaeva, who was flying along with Ruslan Eremeev, it follows from the testimony of Takeaway. March 3, from Moscow flew mukhutdinov.

Tsakayev was also told that this is mukhutdinov regularly purchased tickets for Eremeeva, who flew from Grozny to Moscow and back several times a month and tried to purchase a ticket of the business class.

The apartments and plots

In March the apartment on the street Fan in the house №46 left to live only Eskerkhanov, who was detained there, from the books of account of tenants Concierge services. She also made a note that “the Investigative Committee Coll took bearded Chechen, the others [tenants] disappeared a week ago.”

In both apartments on the street Fan Eremeev and his subordinates moved in the fall and winter of 2014, it follows from the indictment. First, in September 2014 mukhutdinov rented an apartment in the house №3, where he lived Dadaev. And in December he agreed to buy the apartments in the house №46, which eventually acquired Arthur Eremeev.

Brothers Gubareva after returning from Moscow planned to buy land in the elite district of Grozny. About this in his testimony, says their mother Turpan Gubareva. As can be seen from excerpts from her interrogation at the beginning of March, when the sons after ten years in the capital unexpectedly returned home in Malgobek (Republic of Ingushetia), Anzor told her that he was going to buy a plot in the suburban village is part of city district of Grozny, for 600 thousand rubles, which he had with him. Gubareva claimed that he did not know how her sons have earned the money.

According to the source familiar with the investigation, an elite district of Grozny, where the Chechens wealthy to build a brick cottages.