In Russia increased by a quarter the number of cases under article “fraud”

In Russia increased by a quarter the number of crimes under article “fraud”, the official statistics of the Ministry of interior, published Noi on the Agency’s website. The increase for the first six months of 2016 to 25.3% is 112 thousand crimes. For January—June 2015 registered 89 thousand crimes of “fraudulent article”.

When calculating this figure took into account a few articles: a fraud in the crediting sphere, if you receive payments using a payment card, in the insurance industry, in the sphere of computer information and in the sphere of entrepreneurial activities (the last part of the crimes in early July, was removed from the Criminal code).

In just the first six months were registered nearly 1.2 million crimes (3% more compared to the same period in 2015), the damage caused by them amounted to RUB 235 million In the General structure of offenses, the fraud is in second place. Offences under the relevant articles amount to 9.5% of the total number of violations of the law. In the first place theft — 40%.

In 2015, according to “fraudulent articles” was condemned by almost 22.2 per thousand, it follows from the statistics of the Judicial Department under the Supreme court (more recent figures on the Agency’s website not).

Defendants in criminal cases under these articles are often entrepreneurs, explains co-Chairman of “Business Russia” Andrei Nazarov. According to him, processes in business do not always go smoothly, so competitors often turn to law enforcement agencies, not allowing to resolve disputes in arbitration courts. “Civil-legal nature of the relationship should not go into the criminal plane, — said Nazarov. — This leads to unnecessary harassment of entrepreneurs.

Over the past few years there have been attempts to make this article less universal, says Nazarov. It was expected that this will sharply reduce the number of involved under article “fraud” because the more clearly will register the guilty part. But the result is, on the contrary, helped to attract businessmen on specific articles and generic article 159 of the criminal code.

This problem has two possible solutions, believes Nazarov: to refer the consideration of such crimes to the jury and to exclude from the criminal code article 159.

At risk now are businessmen who work under government contracts, underlines in conversation with the President of the nonprofit partnership “Business Solidarity” Yana Yakovleva. According to her, such as in the case with the construction of the cosmodrome “East” are subject to prosecution from several parts of the entrepreneurs who each other are taken to fulfill state contracts. “The field opens unlimited: the money is called a budget, and all law enforcement agencies believe that it is an aggravating circumstance,” says Yakovlev.

She noted that the overall pressure on business from the security forces increased.

In early July, came into force presidential bill, which made changes to the article “fraud” (article 159 of the criminal code). Substantial damage was recognized, the amount is not less than 10 thousand rubles., large — more than 3 million rubles, especially large — 12 million rubles. the Maximum penalties for this crime is deprivation of liberty for a term up to ten years with a fine of up to RUB 1 million In the previous edition, considerable damage could not be less than 2,5 thousand rubles., large and extra large — 250 thousand and 1 million rubles, respectively.

While the individual articles of fraud was increased term of imprisonment of one year to six years. We are talking about fraud in lending, receiving payments and using payment cards (for individuals who use their offices and crime in the large size). For these groups increased sanctions in case of fraud in the insurance industry, as well as in the sphere of computer information.