Media reported about the selected trump the candidate in Vice-presidents of the United States

According to Rall Call in the Republican party, familiar with a situation, on the nomination of the Pence candidate for Vice-President will be officially announced on Friday, July 15. According to the publication, in early July, trump and Pens met by the billionaire’s Golf resort in new Jersey, and this week was found the mansion of the Governor of Indiana.

According to the publication, the Penny trump drew calm demeanor, as well as his Executive experience as Governor of the state.

The official announcement of the candidate in Vice-presidents, which will go to the polls, trump will be held on July 15. On the nomination of the trump candidate for President from the Republican party should be declared at the party Congress in Cleveland, which will be held July 18-21.

In addition to the 57-year-old Penny mass-media named the most probable candidate for Vice-President Governor of new Jersey Chris Christie (who himself took part in the presidential campaign this year, but later withdrew his candidacy and supported trump), as well as a veteran of the Republican party, former speaker of the house of representatives of the 73-year-old newt Gingrich.

Pence is Governor of Indiana since 2013. Prior to this, he between 2001 and 2013 met in the house of representatives. Penny is a member of the ultraconservative Republican tea party Movement.