Mei decided on the key Ministers of the new government

Newly appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa may decided with key Ministers of his Cabinet, informs Bi-bi-si.

One of the most active supporters of Brexit ex-mayor Boris Johnson was appointed head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Once past the June referendum on the country’s exit and the EU Johnson himself was considered a contender for the post of Prime Minister, but refused to nominate his candidacy, because I doubt that will be able to ensure unity within the party.

Philip Hammond, who served in the government of David Cameron the post of foreign Minister, may be appointed Minister of Finance. In his post, Hammond was replaced by the British who left the Cabinet at his own request George Osborne.

The Minister of internal Affairs, which was itself may, she was appointed amber Rudd, who previously headed the Ministry for energy and climate change.

The British defense Secretary Michael Fallon, who held the position since 2014, he maintained his position in the new government may.

The Minister of a British exit from the EU was appointed a veteran camp of eurosceptics David Davis, who was shadow Minister of interior at the time when the ex-Prime Minister Cameron headed the shadow Cabinet.

The Minister for international trade in the UK may have appointed ex-defense Minister Liam Fox, who claimed the post of leader of the conservatives, but dropped out of the race, losing may.

The former head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of great Britain Theresa may, on 13 July, officially took office as the new Prime Minister and begin to form a government. Earlier Wednesday, Queen Elizabeth II has accepted the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron.

Of his decision to resign, Mr Cameron said immediately after the referendum, which was won by the Pro-Brexit — British exit from the EU.