Russia has prepared a plan for the restoration of trade relations with Moldova

Director of economic cooperation Department for the CIS and Eurasian integration development, Ministry of economic development Ilya Galkin was sent on June 28 at the Embassy of Moldova in Moscow a “roadmap” containing a list of measures that Moscow has proposed to implement Chisinau to restore trade relations between the two countries. About it reports “Kommersant”, familiar with the text of the road map.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who visited Moldova in early July, refused to disclose the publication of details of the road map, which, according to him, the Moldovan side should complement their own suggestions. He only said that the document is of a technical nature and is mainly concerned with standards and regulations.

The “road map”, which read “Kommersant”, contains 14 items. Some of them technical, but there are a number of requirements regarding the implementation of Chisinau various agreements within the CIS framework and may conflict with Moldova signed the Association agreement with the EU, the newspaper notes.

In particular, the document contains a requirement of the warranty “unconditional implementation” of the Chisinau Agreement on free trade zone dated 18 October 2011, as well as the implementation of certification, metrological certification, standardization and veterinary medicine.

The Ministry of economic development told the publication that the implementation of some “fundamentally important” for the Russian side conditions may require Chisinau’s dialogue with Brussels”.

However, the road map spelled out very vague prospects of a return to the Russian market of Moldovan wines, vegetables and fruits, says “Kommersant”. In the document it is proposed to continue cooperation between the parties to ensure the safety of products and work on opening the markets of alcohol products, fruit and vegetables.

In the section “Continuation of cooperation on the CIS” Moscow demands from Chisinau to ensure their continuous participation in the work of Commonwealth institutions, and also guarantees that Moldova will join in again the decisions within the CIS. In addition, the Russian side wants to be part of the bilateral intergovernmental Commission on trade-economic cooperation were included the representatives of Gagauzia and Transnistria.

In the section on providing “favorable conditions for mutual access of producers to markets of the parties”, he asks Moscow to Chisinau adopt a law on entering of a payment for environmental pollution, thereby precluding the application of environmental duties when importing goods, as well as offers to eliminate restrictions on admission to the Moldovan market of Russian producers of sugar. In addition, the Russian side proposed to allow the clearance in the Krasnodar region of Moldovan wines and to create an electronic system of certification of origin of goods.

With regard to energy issues, Moscow is seeking the repayment of debts of “Moldovagaz” to “Gazprom” (the Debt of Moldova is $477 million, Transnistria — $4.5 billion). In addition, the Russian side wants Moldavian state district power station continued to supply electricity to Moldova after the expiration of the existing contract in 2017.

According to the source “Kommersant” in the Russian government, Chisinau has analyzed the proposal and have already sent your answer. Part of the proposals of Moscow was adjusted, the part is removed. While the Moldovan side have added their proposals, said the source publication.