The Central Bank revoked the license of the Ryazan Investbanka

The Bank of Russia revoked the license of the Ryazan Investbanka. This is stated in the message controller.

The Central Bank said that with poor quality of assets the credit organization it is inadequately assessed in connection with these risks. The Bank has completely lost its own funds (capital).

The credit institution does not comply with the requirements of normative acts of the Central Bank in the field of combating the legalization (laundering) of incomes obtained in a criminal way and financing of terrorism in parts of the accurate and complete submission of information to the authorized body. In addition, OOO, ricb “Investbank” was involved in dubious transactions.

The management and owners of Bank didn’t take effective measures on normalization of its activity.

Investbank is the participant of system of insurance of contributions. According to statements by total assets of the credit organization as of July 1, held in the banking system of Russia 304 place.