The Fund Navalny told about the “plane Shuvalov”

As follows from the published Thursday investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny, the first Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov can fly the business jet Bombardier Global Express with tail number M-VQBI. This is the conclusion of the Fund came analyzing the data tracking services Planefiner and Flighteadar24. With their help, the FCO found 13 cases over the past year, when a plane with that tail number was flown, to places where Shuvalov appeared in the same or next day.”

So, 4 September 2015, the flight arrived from Moscow to Vladivostok. On the same day, Shuvalov spoke at the Eastern economic forum, which took place in this city.

On October 2 last year, Bombardier flew to Sochi. On this day, according to the official government website, Shuvalov took part in a panel discussion in the framework of the investment forum “Sochi-2015”.

16 Dec 2015 Bombardier flew from Moscow to Beijing. From 14 to 17 December took place the official visit to China Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedva. According to the material “Kommersant”, December 15, Shuvalov took part in the annual meeting of heads of government of the SCO in Chinese Zhengzhou, but on the government website, such information is not available.

On 18 may, the aircraft performed a flight in Sochi. The next day they opened the summit Russia-ASEAN, which was attended by first Deputy Prime Minister. May 30 aircraft arrived in Astana. The next day the Minister was there at the meeting of the Eurasian Council, which was also attended by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

On June 10 Bombardier flew from Moscow to Kazan. On this day, Igor Shuvalov visited Kazan. The investigation also referred to a flight to Tehran, but did not specify when it runs.

In addition, says the FCO, Bombardier 18 times a year flew to Salzburg. As written , according to the information on the income for 2015, the Shuvalov family rents a house in Austria.

A complete table of the movements of the plane were lined with FBK separately.

As the extract from the state register of the Isle of man for the Bombardier, provided the press-Secretary of Fund of struggle against corruption Kira Armys, the plane was on the Isle of man. As the owner of the company is specified Altitude X3 Ltd, located in Bermuda. As follows from the database the offshore company was registered in August 2008. Other information about the firm is not given.

As FBK says, Shuvalov himself never mentioned the plane. Documents to prove that the plane belongs to the Deputy Prime Minister, it is impossible, says the Fund. If the aircraft is to be leased, the flight, for example, to Salzburg will cost the customer about $40 000 one-way, says the FCO.

The FCO also noted that during the inspection of the whole list of flights Bombardier revealed the routes that do not coincide with working visits Shuvalov. Thus, the Fund drew attention that in places where the plane was flying in those days was held dog shows, which were attended by dogs wife of Deputy Prime Minister Olga Shuvalova. As indicated in the publication, she is the breeder and owner of the renowned dog breed Welsh Corgi Pembroke.

The lawyer of FBK Ivan Zhdanov asked for a comment by the wife of the first Vice Prime Minister. “What do you want to hear? You want to hear that we are on the plane, declared that carry their dogs to the exhibition. Incidentally the international level, to defend the honor of Russia, it is loudly told. I think that it is possible and to carry suitcases on your plane,” she said. In response, the lawyer said that the plane in the Declaration is missing. “That’s another thing, my plane or my. Do you have evidence that I have a plane?” — asked the wife of the official that Zhdanov replied in the affirmative. “You guys investigate, investigate. Climb into trap — climb”, — said Olga Shuvalov, adding that it has documents on all dogs, both Charter and regular flights.

The Secretariat Shuvalov refused to comment on the investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption.

The income of the Shuvalov family

In 2015, the reported total family income of RUB 190 million In 2014, its earnings amounted to 52 million rubles according to the data on income, Shuvalov family rents a house in Austria and an apartment in London. The full value of their assets and securities of the Shuvalov family were not disclosed. In 2012, the media published information about registered on behalf of Shuvalov’s wife Olga sevenkey owned Bahamian company Limited (in 2008, his assets are inherited Severin). According to the publication Barron’s Online, sevenkey owned Limited earned about $70 million on the purchase of the structures of Alisher Usmanov 13% of Corus Steel. From transactions with shares of “Gazprom” sevenkey owned received about $100 million, reported the Financial Times. In 2013, Shuvalov said that transferred all of its assets in Russia. They are managed by Sergey Kotlyarenko.