European exchanges after the attack in nice has opened falling of quotations

The main stock index France CAC40, the calculation of which takes into account the value of the 40 largest companies on the Euronext Paris stock exchange, in the first minutes of trading on 15 July 2016 fell by about 0.75%.

In the red zone in early trading fell other European indices, the German DAX (-0.5%), Spanish IBEX (minus 0,63%), Dutch AEX (minus of 0.48%), UK FTSE100 (down 0.41%).

Faster other on Friday morning, the fall in the share price of tour operators, airlines, hotel chains and other companies in the business which will affect the possible decline in the flow of tourists after the terrorist attack in nice, France, which killed over 80 people.

The value of the shares of the operator of the network of hotels and restaurants, Accor declined on Friday to 4.5%, easyJet by 3.3%, airline group Air France-KLM — 2.5% tour operator Thomas Cook by 2.4 per cent, TUI — 1.3%, hotel operator InterContinental Hotels Group — 1%.

As the pace of trading quotes retreated from the lows, causing equity markets also managed to correct, and some of them even went into the green zone.