Russian banks have offered to work with SWIFT, without intermediaries

Russian banks have offered to work with SWIFT, without intermediaries

Moscow. July 14. Worldwide SWIFT resolve technical problems with the banks directly, and in Russia – brokered Alliance Factors. How to tell the two members of the Russian national Association of SWIFT users “ROSSWIFT”, “historically”. It was all arranged, but a series of recent hack attacks, which were written off tens of millions of dollars from the accounts of banks (and even the same Central Bank), made the bankers to think about the risks of such a system.

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The working group on technical aspects of the use of SWIFT ROSSWIFT sent a letter to SWIFT proposal to move to support the Russian SWIFT users in accordance with international practice – without a third party, according to minutes of the working group, write “Vedomosti”.

Third party – Alliance Factors is the only business partner of SWIFT in Russia and the CIS, reported on the website of the system. Business partners sell products SWIFT for the Commission, explain two members of the Committee “ROSSWIFT”: but SWIFT gave Alliance another function first line support in case of technical problems the Russian users access Alliance. Customers from other countries are traded in round-the-clock support centers SWIFT.

This additional feature gives the Alliance access to all confidential information of the users in Russia and the CIS, without technical problems are not solved, they point.

Alliance Factors is registered in Cyprus, Russia has two, OOO all’yans faktors”. Search engines find two websites of such companies with the same Moscow phones. “It is unclear on what basis to provide services to employees of the company in Moscow, perhaps, outsourcing. These employees have access to very important information. This means that in the case of losses the Bank is not clear where to go,” says Committee member “ROSSWIFT”.

Although claims to the work of the mediator no, series of hacker attacks frightened the bankers. Alliance Factors is the third party more than 20 years, but now it is beginning to cause concern in connection with the recent theft of $81 million from the Central Bank of Bangladesh on a false errand SWIFT, explains the source, “Vedomosti”: “a Few days ago, the same pattern brought $10 million of Ukrainian Bank. I want to understand how the system safe.” About Alliance Factors, a lot of good reviews, it experts respond quickly and efficiently do their job. Just need to clarify the legal form, perhaps, to leave one legal entity in Russia,” says another banker.