Tesla explained the cause of the third accident his car in the US

Tesla explained the cause of the third accident his car in the US

Moscow. July 14. Tesla cars with activated mechanism avtoupravlenie became participants in three road accidents in the United States, which became known in recent weeks.

The company recognizes the fact that the autopilot was enabled at the time the most recent accident in Montana on the night of Saturday to Sunday, but it claims that this function is incorrectly used in the time of the accident.

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In early may, Joshua brown died in Florida as a result of the incident with the Tesla Model S, currently, U.S. regulators are investigating the circumstances of the accident. In early July, Tesla Model X overturned on a road in Pennsylvania, but as a result of this incident nobody suffered. In the third accident, the driver and passenger also survived.

CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla has no plans to turn off the autopilot.

During the accident in Montana “the machine is moved along the undivided barrier mountain road shortly after midnight while the system is on auto-pilot,” said a BBC representative of Tesla.

“Our data indicate that the driver’s hands lay on the steering wheel and no pressure on the steering wheel was not,” she added. – It is contrary to the rules of use of the system, which suggests that in difficult conditions the driver should keep the steering wheel”.

The system pilot is not adapted for use on rural roads without separate lanes and other clear symbols, writes Electrek, so perhaps she passed out in the process of moving due to the lack of visual data.

The driver of the third car, which we only know that he is a Chinese by the name of panem, told police that they had heard the warnings which were given him control system, but did not understand them because he did not know the English language, reports BBC.

At this time Tesla published the details of the incident much faster than after the first (Florida) disaster. Official message of the company was made public only on June 30 – through 54 days after the incident, although the National administration of safety of traffic (NHTSA) received a message about the accident much sooner.

The Tesla approach to information disclosure has raised questions of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) USA, since may, Tesla continued to offer their securities and attract more investors.

On Tuesday, the NHTSA issued its letter sent to the California company in connection with the incident. The controller requests all information about the development of the pilot, including all of its modernization since the implementation last year, as well as planned changes.

Tesla warns that drivers should closely follow the work of the autopilot, but the opponents of this system argue that people will inevitably be distracted.

However, other automakers are rushing to develop similar systems. Nissan just demonstrated the ProPilot system that detects the lane markings and monitors vehicles moving in front, braking or accelerating, depending on their movement.

Nissan plans to begin to install this system on all of its European models in the coming year, and in July of this year on Japanese car market will be the first commercial van firms with such a system. As a security measure, this system automatically switches off when the driver separates a hand from the wheel.

British automaker Jaguar Land Rover announced plans to test more than 100 experienced models with auto-pilot on its site near Coventry in the period up to 2020.