The communications Ministry did not see the risk of rising prices on the bond in 2016 because of the “Spring law”

The communications Ministry did not see the risk of rising prices on the bond in 2016 because of the “Spring law”

Moscow. July 14. The Minister of the Russian Federation Nikolai Nikiforov does not see risk of higher prices for communications services in 2016 because of the anti-terrorism package of laws.

“Indeed, the process of adoption of the law was such that some of the amendments reflected in the opinion of the government, were taken into account. Some of the questions from the point of view of law enforcement remain open. If necessary, further amendments to the relevant law, they will be prepared and submitted to the government in the autumn session of the State Duma”, – he said during the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with government members on Thursday.

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At the same time, according to the Minister, the position of those experts who now provide a emotional assessment without understanding the issue, his Department do not share. He recalled that the resonant norm, which concerns the storage of user data allocated to 2018. Therefore the communications Ministry does not see any risk of price increases this year.

In addition, pursuant to the instructions of the President and government agencies are now considering enforcement issues: who, what should be stored how much time is required to implement anti-terrorist measures and so on. Hence will follow the relevant requirements for equipment and operators. Only then will it be possible to give some estimates, said the Minister.

He added that our country can boast one of the lowest prices for bond due to high competition in the industry. Regulators intend to maintain the lead.

Previously, Nikiforov did not rule out increase of four times the tariffs of the mobile operators in connection with the adoption of a package of anti-terrorism laws.

In June, the Minister stressed that each company has its own assessment, and between them a high competition. “In this sense to say that they have something to promote, specifically is not necessary. They have competition so that no one ruble increase can not. But the fact that each company will bear the expenses, amounting to hundreds of billions of rubles, and, accordingly, if to compare it with their annual revenue, it is easy to obtain the number of times that is likely to grow communication services”, – said the Minister.