Participated in the revolt in the Turkish soldiers took a coup for the teachings

According to Hurriyet and Sabah, the detained insurgents in interrogations argue that the beginning of the coup, they adopted it for military exercises. As reported by Hurriyet, after some of the soldiers voluntarily surrendered to the police. According to Sabah, we are talking about a military group that was detained at the airport of Ataturk. It consisted of ten officers and 67 soldiers.

As the AP reports with reference to Hurriyet, the soldiers on the interrogation said that their commanders told them that they are taking part in military exercises. Some of the detained soldiers claimed that they realized that there is a coup attempt if and only if the code saw that people started to climb on the tanks.

Attempt a military coup in Turkey occurred in the night from 15 to 16 July. A military group that called itself the “Council for peace in the country,” he said on taking power into their own hands. They claimed that they are going to restore constitutional order which, in their opinion, was undermined. The participants of the coup was blocked by the two bridges over the Bosphorus in Istanbul and seized the building of the General staff in Ankara. However, on 16 July the rebels began to suffer defeat and surrender to the authorities.

The Turkish General staff reported that the instigators of the attempted coup were members of the Turkish air force and military police.

During the operation against the rebels was arrested about 3 thousand military day, July 16, CNN Turk reported that the Turkish special services have completed the operation against the participants of the coup and took control of the headquarters of the General staff in Ankara.