The head of the Turkish police reported the death of 16 coup in Ankara

As reported by the Turkish news Agency Anadolu, the Turkish head of police Celalettin Lekesiz, in clashes near the office of the military police in Ankara was killed 16 soldiers, supported the military coup.

Lekesiz added that only in Ankara were detained 250 involved in the coup attempt. According to him, the clashes continue, it is expected that soon the resistance to the coup will stop.

According to Anadolu, among those arrested – General Mamdouh Akbelen, who commanded the army group of the Aegean sea.

In total, according to Reuters, which refers to the representative of the official authorities, from office after a coup attempt removed 5 29 generals and colonels. If it is not specified how many high-ranking officers were arrested.