The Turkish authorities forbade the US air force sorties from an airbase in Incirlik

The Turkish military leadership has closed the airspace around the airbase in Incirlik in the South of the country, banning U.S. air force aircraft to make the flights, according to CNN, citing a source in the Pentagon. Banning flights from the Incirlik and told the source the Associated Press at the U.S. Department of defense. According to the interlocutor of CNN, this has led to a stop of action of the anti-terrorist mission of the United States, which strikes on positions “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

The Turkish authorities informed US that the airspace will be closed until then, until they can obtain full control over the situation after the attempted coup, the source told CNN. According to him, the Turkish authorities said that after the rebels seized several helicopters, the authorities want to make sure that all the ships of the Turkish air force are in the hands of Pro-government forces.

The exception was made only for a small number of American aircraft that were already on the job to the time the airspace was closed. They were allowed to return and land at Incirlik. Yet understanding how long the airspace over the base would be closed, said the interlocutor of the channel.

The attempted coup happened in Turkey on the night of 16 July, the rebels have blocked two bridges over the Bosphorus in Istanbul and seized the building of the General staff in Ankara. However, by morning, troops controlled by the country’s President, Recep Erdogan, took the situation under control.

According to the Turkish General staff, the instigators of the coup attempt became members of the Turkish air force and military police.

The white house on 16 July reported that U.S. President Barack Obama on Saturday will hold a meeting of the national security Council, which will discuss the situation in Turkey.