Turkish riot: who and what has tried to overthrow Erdogan

Turkish riot: who and what has tried to overthrow Erdogan

“The restoration of constitutional order”

About the coup attempt on Friday evening, July 15, was announced by Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim. According to the politician, it has taken some military units. The Prime Minister noted that the Turkish authorities will not allow the coup was successful.

By this time in Istanbul was closed for the passage of the Bosphorus bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge, and the sky over the capital Ankara military helicopters appeared.

At the same time, a group of Turkish military, which, according to Hurriet, called themselves “the Council for peace in the country,” gained access to the airwaves was a result of TRT. In his broadcast was read a military statement that “the Turkish armed forces took power in the country to restore constitutional order, rights and freedoms, rule of law and security that have been violated”. The statement noted that all international commitments of Turkey remain in force. The military has promised to write for the country’s new Constitution, and stated that secularism in Turkey has been undermined. In a country under martial law and declared a curfew, said a statement from the military.

Later, the broadcasting was interrupted TRT. Almost immediately the country was having problems with the Internet, Reuters reported, citing two monitoring groups that monitor access to the network. According to the Agency, the country has been hampered access to social networks. Stopped working international airport Istanbul Ataturk, which was contracted armored vehicles. According to Reuters, at the airport skirmish.

Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

Tanks in Ankara

As reported by the Anadolu news Agency that attempted the coup, the military seized hostages in the building of the Turkish General staff in Ankara. Among the hostages, according to the Agency, was the head of the General staff Hulusi Akar.

A few hours went real fighting. According to eyewitnesses, cited by Reuters, the tanks were shelling next to the houses of Parliament, the General staff, the state channel TRT and the headquarters of the intelligence services. Attacks by the military has been the media included in the Dogan holding — Hurriyet newspaper and CNN Turk, which for an hour has stopped broadcasting.

According to the newspaper Hurriyet, during the assault on the rebels headquarters of special forces in Ankara killed 17 policemen. Around 3:00 Anadolu reported that the rebel tanks surrounded the Parliament building the bomb was dropped, but in Istanbul, supporters of the coup are shooting at civilians. Around the same time, it became known that at the Ankara F-16 fighter shot down a helicopter of the supporters of the coup. Another helicopter was shot down in the morning.

“We can work it out”

During the coup President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was on vacation in the Mediterranean Turkish city of Marmaris, said “bi-Bi-si”. His first statement was released after about two hours after the beginning of the coup. Stream treatment erdoğan was conducted by TV channel CNN Turk — the employee of TV channel was held in front of the camera smartphone, which Erdogan has made an appeal, using FaceTime.

According to Erdogan, the initiator of the coup was made by the supporters of Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish writer, former Imam and preacher, an Islamic public figure, residing in self-imposed exile in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Gulen instigated the coup, representatives of the judiciary and the military, Erdogan said.

Erdogan in his address claimed that a coup involves a small group of soldiers, which “will pay a high price”. The Turkish President said that the coup attempt is contrary to the will of the people, and urged the people of Turkey to unite and “go square.” On this appeal of the President of Turkey, according to Turkish media, responded thousands of ordinary citizens.

Around 4:00 local time (coincides with Moscow) plane with Erdogan landed in Istanbul, where the Turkish President was greeted by crowds of supporters. Speaking to them, Erdogan said that the incident was “a betrayal”, and he will use the failed coup as an opportunity to purge the army.

The fire from the air

Around 2:00 in the broadcast of the Turkish channel NTV, the representative of the National intelligence organization Nuh Yilmaz announced that the coup attempt was “reflected” and held hostage by the head of the Turkish General staff released. The newspaper Daily Sabah reported that the police arrested most of the participants of the coup, citing the sources said that those involved in the mutiny of soldiers who return to their units and lay down their arms, will not be charged.

However, several hours later, on the morning of July 16, Yildirim said that the rebels continue to launch attacks from the air. Around 6:00 in Ankara was shot down the second helicopter. As of 8:00 for a coup attempt in Turkey was detained by 754 people, Anadolu reported, citing the interior Ministry. According to Reuters, which cites an informed source, removed from office 5 29 generals and colonels. Killing at least 60 people.

Around 6:00, the authorities announced the opening of the Istanbul international airport Ataturk. Aeroflot canceled all flights to Turkey, scheduled for July 16 and the number of flights on 17 July. Airline “Russia” has postponed his flight from Moscow to Antalya from 5:00 to 14:00.

The coup of the colonels?

“The question is whether the organization of the coup, the military high command, or the coup of the colonels, officers of one kind of troops. Now there is some evidence in favor of the second,” said The Guardian Professor at the Washington Brookings Institute Omer, Taspinar shortly after the announcement of the coup.

According to The Wall Street Journal, which cites sources close to erdoğan, the organization of the coup attempt, may be people from the command of the gendarmerie and the air force. The WSJ sources noted that the commanders of key units of the Turkish army — the First and Third armies and special forces remained loyal to Erdogan.

Speaking on CNN Turk, Erdogan called the mastermind of the coup, the so-called “parallel structure.” For the first time this concept was proposed by Erdogan in 2013. Erdogan then accused the officials of law enforcement services, courts and prosecutors in collusion with the Hizmet movement, whose leader is a Muslim spiritual activities of the Fethullah gülen. The purpose of the “parallel structure,” according to Erdogan, is a coup.

Gulama spiritual movement “Hizmet” (“Service”) has no formal structure and as an ideology adheres to a tolerant reading of Islam, with emphasis on altruism, hard work and education. Wrote bi-Bi-si in December 2013, followers of the Hizmet movement in Turkey are millions of people, among which are deemed to have high-ranking officials and representatives of law enforcement agencies.

74-year-old gülen since 1999 lives in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. Authoritative spiritual leader studied in madrasah and the famous Turkish Sufi, worked as an official Imam and preacher. In 1999 in the United States for treatment and since then never returned to Turkey. Gülen claimed that he was afraid to return to Turkey because of political challenges and instability.

At the end of 2014, an Istanbul court issued an arrest warrant for Gulen. Interpol did not include Gulen’s “the Red Bulletin” (warrant for the arrest of criminals, declared in the international search), citing a lack of evidence.

However, based in new York and associated with the Gulen non-governmental organization Alliance for shared values” on July 16 condemned the attempted military coup in Turkey, as “any interference in internal Turkish politics.”