Erdogan urged supporters to remain on the streets until Friday

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged his supporters not to leave the streets until next Friday, reports Reuters.

“Do not stay, do not depart from the streets. We will not leave the square empty,” Erdogan said (quoted by Anadolu).

On the eve of Erdogan asked supporters not to go to full normalization of the situation in the country. “I too will remain here”, — he stressed.

On Sunday, Erdogan also urged not to postpone imposition of the death penalty. The government will discuss it with the opposition, he said. Earlier, Erdogan said that Ankara could not ignore the request of the people” on the death penalty, and recalled that yesterday in Istanbul, a crowd chanted calls to return this kind of punishment for the participants of the coup.

The coup attempt happened in Turkey in the night of July 16, the government declared that restoring control over the country only on Sunday. Just for participating in the coup attempt were arrested about 6 thousand people, among whom were the chief military adviser to Erdogan, and the courts have arrested more than 50 high-ranking officers of the Turkish army. As said Sunday the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Turkey, the death toll during the coup, according to the latest data, over 290 people. Another 1.4 thousand people were injured.