Europe has promised to warn Erdogan’s repression and purges

The Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Marc Ayrault has warned President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on repression and purges after a failed coup attempt.

“We want Turkey to be fully acted, the rule of law,” said Ayrault, the TV channel France 3, reports BFM TV. The Minister added that a failed coup Erdogan does not give carte Blanche to conduct purges.

Ayrault also said that on Monday in Brussels will host a meeting of the EU Council on foreign Affairs, where foreign Ministers will discuss the bloc including the events in Turkey.

“We’re going to talk about Turkey and recall that Turkey must comply with European democratic norms. Should not be cleansing must operate a legal state,” — said the French Minister (quoted by TASS).

On the night of 16 July, a group of Turkish military attempted a coup. The rebels acted under the slogan of restoring constitutional order and human rights in Turkey. However, declared the coup a group of soldiers were unable to isolate the country’s President and Prime Minister, to the morning of July 16 the Turkish authorities took the situation under control.

Shortly after the suppression of the rebellion, the Turkish government announced the arrest of nearly three thousand people, among whom were both soldiers and officers. Among the detainees was a General of the Army ADEM Huduti commander of the Second army of Turkey, which is responsible for protecting the borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran. By 17 July the number of detainees increased to 6 thousand people. In particular, as reported by the Anadolu news Agency, Turkish authorities detained 426 representatives of the Prosecutor and the court.