In Turkey detained 426 judges and prosecutors

The Turkish authorities have detained 426 judges and prosecutors after the military coup in the country, according to Turkish Anadolu news Agency.

The Agency reports that, according to the General Prosecutor’s office of Istanbul, the city adopted the decision on detention 132 judges and prosecutors, who allegedly are members of a “terrorist organization FETÖ”. However, the Agency cited another figure: the Republican Prosecutor’s office spoke about the detention of 110 people (39 prosecutors and judges 71).

All detainees are forbidden to leave the country, their homes searched. It is noted that the searches have already taken place in the Turkish province of elazığ, Kahramanmaraş, Adana, Mersin and van.

The detainees are accused of “membership in an armed terrorist organization” and “using violence in an attempt to overthrow the government of Turkish Republic or of partial and complete obstruction of the execution of his duties.”

Yesterday evening, the Turkish authorities ordered the arrest 2745 judges and prosecutors. Previously, they were all fired. In addition, the country has arrested 10 members of the Supreme administrative court. Another 140 representatives of the Supreme court wanted.

The Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim after the attempted coup, also announced the arrest of 2839 people, which include both officers and soldiers. Authorities arrested the General of the army ADEM Huduti, who commands the Second army, involved in the protection of Turkey’s borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Minister of justice Bekir Bozdag earlier in the day said that the authorities continue the investigation into the attempted coup. In this regard, the number of detainees, which now reaches 6 million people who may increase.

The rebels on Sunday seized the building of the General staff in Ankara and blocked two bridges over the Bosphorus in Istanbul. In the clashes, according to latest figures, killed 104 rebel and 161 representative of the Pro-government forces and civilians.

Ankara today said the restoration of government control over the entire territory of the country. However, a few insurgent groups are still in Istanbul.