Stratfor predicted the weakening of the Turkish army for future reprisals

Experts from the us private intelligence analysis company Stratfor predicted that repression in the Turkish army, which followed the attempt of a military coup, will adversely affect the combat readiness of the army and reduce its capabilities. This is stated in the material on the website of the organization.

Analysts recalled that the Turkish authorities since 2003 conduct regular cleaning in the army. Over the years he was arrested more than 400 soldiers. And while many were further justified in cases of preparing a military coup, the processes already weakened the combat effectiveness of the army.

“The coming repression after the coup on 15 July will also reduce opportunities for the Armed forces. They will reduce the morale and combat cohesion. The arrests and imprisonment of the commanders of the <…>, will contribute to disorganization will cause confusion in the army ranks. Training schedules will be disrupted, regular exercise will be postponed or canceled. Increase the level of distrust in the army. The planning of the military the military will become more difficult in connection with the reform of the structure of command and control in the army, who will hold the government”, — consider in Stratfor.