The General contractor of “Zenit Arena” admitted failure of the delivery of the stadium for the 2018 world Cup

The company “Inzhtransstroy-SPb” called the statement of the authorities of Petersburg about breaking her contract for the construction of the stadium “Zenit arena” an attempt to force the contractor to be more cooperative. This is stated in the press release of “Inzhtransstroy-SPb”.

“For us, it is obvious that the decision of the customer of building of stadium on Krestovsky island to give notice of the termination of the contract dictated not by a desire to improve the situation, and the obvious desire to force the contractor to become more accommodating,” — said in a statement. For example, the St. Petersburg authorities require the contractor to conclude within days the contracts with the subcontractors, said “Inzhtransstroy-SPb”, not specifying what kind of contracts we are talking about.

Questions of timing of completion and quality of construction the Committee on construction of St. Petersburg do not worry, according to the company. “Replacement of the General contractor at the stage when the stadium is ready on 85% of the officially accepted papers, makes it impossible for the obligation to complete construction within 11 months. Such inconsistent decisions of the construction Committee of St. Petersburg, as well as constantly changing conditions, the lack of coordinated project documentation, unresolved issues of funding means only that the stadium is ready to host the confederations Cup,” warns of “Inzhtransstroy-SPb”.

“It seems that the customer is aware that the avoidance of decision-making on the project created a real threat of disruption of construction and looking for a way to shift the blame to the contractor. In addition, we question that in the current environment, the customer will be able to find on the market quite another professional contractor to perform the required scope of work in terms of deadlines and available the difficulties with financing and documentation,” — said in a statement.

About the decision of the mayor of Petersburg to terminate the contract with “Inzhtransstroy-SPb” became known on the morning of 15 July. This was stated in the incoming administration of Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin. The notice of termination sent to the company on Friday.

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“In the past year, all of the requirements of the General Contracting company Transstroy has boiled down to three basic ideas: we don’t have time to build a stadium in time, give more money, and we do not need to control”, — stated in the message. As stated in the text, the General contractor showed “low rates of production work, the extremely low dynamics of development of the limits of funding, the lack of adequate and rapid response to customer’s instructions, unnecessary red tape when making managerial, technical and production decisions, low mobilization of labor resources and low production, poor quality of work.” This was the reason for the decision on the termination of the contract.

The stadium was planned to be commissioned by the end of 2016, as in the summer of 2017 it must pass the matches of the confederations Cup. If the stadium is not ready by December, the Confederation Cup matches will not be possible, on Friday warned the Chairman of the temporary Commission of the Federation Council on preparation and holding of the 2018 world Cup Vadim of Tulips.