FSB detained the interpreter of the OSCE for the collection of intelligence for Ukraine

The Federal security service (FSB) detained on the territory of Russia interpreter of the special OSCE monitoring mission of the citizen of Ukraine Artem Shestakov. According to the FSB, according to the Ukrainian intelligence he collected intelligence information. This was reported by the public relations center of the FSB. Details of detention ” are not given, but States that he’s been released, as the detainee did not damage Russia.

In the message of the FSB, quoted by “RIA Novosti”, said that Shestakov was “unmasked as an agent” of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU). He worked as an interpreter at the OSCE mission, which operated on the territory of the breakaway Lugansk national Republic (LNR). According to confessions Shestakova referenced by the FSB, in the summer of 2015, he traveled to Kiev, where he was “recruited into the intelligence apparatus of the SBU under the name “Svarog”.

In the message, the FSB indicated that Shestakov “on the instructions of the SBU” collected in the LC information of “political, economic, social and military nature”. “Shestakov was regularly visited by the authorities, the LC, the locations of the people’s militia units. … Get the information he passed to the SBU on the Internet. In particular, informed about the movement of military equipment and personnel, and the geographic coordinates of the locations of people’s militia units, phone numbers of commanders”, — stated in the message of the FSB.

In addition, Shestakov on the instructions of the military intelligence of Ukraine passed information about the routes of transportation, vehicles and phone numbers of one of the leaders of the Cossacks Dremov subsequently murdered by Ukrainian special services and engaged in employment in the representative offices of international organizations in Ukraine, other agents of the Ukrainian security services, said the FSB.

As he “did not damage Russia’s security” its “espionage activities”, he was allowed to return to the territory of Ukraine, said the Russian intelligence Agency. “However, the entry of informant SBU in our country will be closed”, — stated in the message (quoted by TASS).

Earlier, in late March, the FSB announced the arrest of an employee of the Department of counterintelligence of SBU. According to the secret service Lieutenant Colonel prepared the SBU and the CIA operation “set up to recruit FSB initiative by offering their services”. He was transferred to Ukraine in early April, as the actions of Ukrainian not harm Russia’s security.

At the end of June, the SBU reported that the FSB tried to recruit Ukrainian diplomat, through his classmate, with whom he studied in military school and is now a reserve Colonel of the Russian Armed forces. On 18 June, the SBU detained a Russian diplomat on suspicion in bribery to the law enforcement officials. He was released after the presentation of documents, as it has diplomatic immunity.