Gold pokemon: which stocks will soar on the wave of popularity of Pokemon Go

Gold pokemon

Mobile app Pokemon Go, was released by the Japanese computer game developer, Nintendo was “lucky ticket” for IT companies, which have long been considered the outsider in the market game services for smartphones. Since the release of the application July 6, Nintendo shares have risen more than 50%. In less than a week the capitalization of Japanese corporations increased from $17 billion to $30,95 billion it is Noteworthy that the explosive growth of Nintendo shares held in a limited release of the app: first it was available only in the markets of USA, Australia and New Zealand. Now the game is available in Europe.

According to the research company SurveyMonkey, Pokemon Go already more than 20 million active users per day, exceeding the previous hits of the market of mobile applications, Candy Crush, Draw Something and Clash Royale. Moreover, she managed to come out on top in ranking of popular apps on iTunes in the United States. According to the company SensorTower, number of downloads Pokemon Go to Google Play and App Store has exceeded 15 million worldwide, and a day game for Nintendo earns about $1.6 million.

The success of Pokemon Go due to two factors: the use of augmented reality technology (augmented reality, AR) and nostalgia users on the animated series “Pokemon”, says a senior portfolio Manager of the criminal code “Kapital” Vadim Bit-avragim. According to the financier, Nintendo has made a breakthrough in the commercial application of AR. Later, however, when the first enthusiasm for the game will come to naught, investors will look for growth in revenue and net profit to Nintendo, so in the near future should not expect continuation of the rally, he said. Estimated IR “freedom Finance”, the quarterly profit Nintendo is expected to increase thanks to the new game by 10%.

Investment adviser IK “Ah Ti invest” Pavel Deryabin is also convinced that in the long term paper Nintendo will go up because the company intends to invest the proceeds from the sale Go to Pokemon new apps based on AR technology. In addition, quotes Nintendo is still 200% below their peak values reached in 2007, the analyst said. According to Deryabina, the success of Japanese corporations will force its competitors actively use AR’s, pushing shares of game developers to new highs.

Sweets and superheroes

American video game publisher Activision Blizzard is one of the largest players in the market of gaming applications for smartphones. This company has enough resources to be the first to respond to the new trend set by Nintendo, and to create their own product based on AR, the chief of Department of trading operations IK “freedom Finance” Igor Kleshnev.

Since the beginning of the year shares of Activision Blizzard rose nearly 12% over the past 12 months they rose by more than 60%. In February this year, the American giant acquired for $5.9 billion company King — developer of the successful mobile game Candy Crush Saga, the audience of which is estimated at about 500 million users. The popular use of AR technology in such a popular application can result in a significant growth in profit, said Clusnet. Analyst at Piper Jaffray Cos. Mike Olson also conceded that Activision Blizzard will use the AR technology in their video game Skylanders, which exists in versions for iPad and iPhone.

American football

Another developer and publisher of video games from the United States, the company Electronic Arts, are worthy of investor attention than Nintendo and Activision Blizzard, said Vadim Bit-avragim. From the beginning, its shares rose by 17%, reaching in July, its highest level in its history. According to the research company Profit Confidential, in 2015, Electronic Arts has become the world’s largest publisher of games for consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and also took first place in the number of downloads of mobile applications. Electronic Arts estimates the number of its registered users to 300 million people worldwide, of which at least 54 million accounted for unique players. It’s 65% more than in 2014. Strengths Electronic Arts is also the presence of long-running franchises, Profit Confidential analyst Patrick Brick. For example, the simulation of American football Madden NFL the company produces for 28 years.

GTA and basketball

International company Take-Two Interactive, responsible for the development and publishing cult games GTA Online, Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2K is one of the main beneficiaries of the boom in mobile gaming, says Pavel Deryabin. With the beginning of the year shares of Take-Two Interactive has increased in price by 17%, and over the last 12 months — 36%. As in the case of Electronic Arts, paper this company in July broke a record high.

Take-Two Interactive is actively monetizing their gaming services. According to Nasdaq, in 2016, the company earned about $500 million one the sale of virtual game items in GTA Online. The sale of virtual currency and items in the sports game NBA 2K16, in turn, jumped 70% yoy. The company has repeatedly stated that it is preparing to bring to market new products. As reported by the portal CNN Money, Take-Two Interactive leads the development in the field of virtual and augmented reality, although the company’s attitude to the AR remains somewhat “skeptical”.

Training programs

The brainchild of bill gates, of Microsoft, also has a good chance to capitalize on augmented reality technology, said Vadim Bit-avragim. In addition to the production of computer software and smartphones the company is engaged in development of video games and game consoles. At the time, Microsoft mentioned the Xbox, and now the Corporation relies on the “smart glasses” HoloLens uses AR technology. Recently the chief Executive officer of Microsoft Sathya Nadella said he believes the success of the game Pokemon Go and his success too: after all, he argues that investment in augmented reality justified. However, Nadella hopes to find for the AR application not so much in games as in the field of education.

In addition to the points HoloLens “locomotive” for business can be a Microsoft tablet computer Surface, says analyst Jing pan of the company’s Profit Confidential. According to estimates by consulting firm IDC, by 2020, Microsoft will take a share of 54.5% in the world market subnotebooks tablets. This means that the number of sold Surface devices will reach 34 million a year, said pan. By the way, over the past year, Microsoft shares rose more than 15%.