In Almaty opened fire on police

On the morning of July 18, in scalise Kazakhstan shooting occurred. Unknown opened fire in the area Almalinsky police Department, reports “Interfax—Kazakhstan” with reference to eyewitnesses. As reported by Reuters, when shooting two policemen were killed.

According to the eyewitness, who leads the Agency “Interfax”, the victims of the shooting were three people, two of them police officers, one civilian. The city declared a counter-terrorism operation, residents of, residents of Almaty urged not to leave the house and to avoid places of a mass congestion of people.

The source of “Interfax” in the police s same time, reported that the shootout occurred not only in area Almalinsky police Department, an armed man moves through the city streets and leads the shootout. “Presumably, a supporter of non-traditional religious movements”, — said the Agency interlocutor