In the center of Yerevan clashed with police

In the center of Yerevan about a hundred people attempted to hold a March from the Central Freedom square in the area where the police station occupied by armed supporters of the opposition. The city police chief Ashot Karapetyan told the crowd that does not allow this action, after which people began to break through the cordon. Between police and demonstrators on Freedom square, clashes broke out. About it from a place of events the correspondent “Interfax”.

Later, the demonstrators began to move in the direction adjacent to Freedom square, Northern Avenue, the Agency “Novosti-Armenia”.

To the scene were tightened additional police forces, and the prospect was taken in the environment. In the end, the police managed to disperse the rally, the correspondent of TASS.

On the morning of 17 July a group of armed supporters of opposition leader Zhirayr Sefilyan, who was detained on suspicion of organizing a criminal group, seized the Yerevan police Department and took hostage several employees of law enforcement bodies. As a result of capture, was killed the Deputy commander of regiment of patrol police Department in Yerevan Arthur Vanoyan, two more were seriously injured.

According to the results of negotiations with the invaders on Monday was released two hostages. The invaders require the issuance Sefilyan, however the authorities claim that this is impossible and continue with the invaders negotiations.