Rosreestr has ceased to issue certificates of registration of real estate

Rosreestr has ceased to issue certificates of registration of real estate

Moscow. July 15. The Federal registration service from July 15 does not issue the certificate of registration of ownership rights to real estate.

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“From July 15 the state registration of the origin and transfer of rights to real estate is to make sure only the extract from the Unified state register of rights”, – explained on the website of Rosreestr.

Thus, from this day on, the main document confirming the ownership right on immovable property, will extract from the unified state register, which can at any time update (order) within the building.

The article emphasizes that change a previously issued certificate is not necessary – all state agencies are required to take to confirm the registration of rights to immovable property extract from the unified state register together with a certificate of state registration.

Cancellation of the certificate does not change the procedure of registration of rights. “To apply for registration in the offices of IFC, or use the opportunity to issue the ownership of property in electronic form”, – stated in the message.

The timing of the services and registration fee also will not change – the term of state registration of rights is ten working days, the state fee for registration for individuals is two thousand roubles, for legal – 22 thousand rubles.